Nevada Regulator Agrees With IOC

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Nevada gaming control board to share information with Olympic committee, fight match-fixing.

The Nevada State Gaming Control Board reached an agreement of understanding with International Olympic Committee (IOC). Both parties agreed to work to maintain the integrity of athletic competitions by preventing betting from interfering with outcomes.

This doesn’t count as big gambling news for most observers, as Nevada has been committed to the integrity of sports from the beginning.

Nevada board member Shawn Reid emphasized that fact: “Nevada is regarded throughout the world as the gold standard in gaming regulation and part of that reputation is tied to the Board’s tireless efforts to thwart illegal and irregular betting in general and we are glad to put forth that same level of effort in eradicating illegal and irregular betting in sports specifically.”

What does the agreement mean?

Online sportsbooks in America are legal in Nevada, but can only serve residents of the state. Regardless of that, Nevada is a leader in the bookmaking industry, making odds for all American sporting events as well as the Olympics. The state regulator will share information with the IOC, which will then be used in its ongoing campaign to prevent match-fixing and illegal betting.

The IOC recently created the “Integrity Betting Intelligence System” to protect the integrity of the Sochi games. Part of the program involves collection as much data as possible through partnerships with regulators.

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