Malaysians Implore Police to Stamp Out Gambling

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It is reported that concerned citizens support government crackdown on illicit gambling.

A report says that residents in Malaysia’s Lanang state are pushing the new police chief to crack down on online gambling. Various anti-gambling voices have stressed that the activity is becoming a pervasive and socially harmful activity in the region.

Lanang MP Alice Lau told reports that she has fielding calls from concerned citizens saying that “people of all ages, including schoolchildren, housewives and senior citizens, can be found gambling in these centers. There are even teachers.”

According to Malaysian gambling laws online gambling is illegal, although some forms of gambling are available to non-Muslim citizens. New district police chief ACP Mohd Kamal Modi is charged with combating it in the area.

Malaysia undergoing major gambling crackdown

Earlier this year the chief of the Malaysian state of Johor announced in fiery rhetoric that no casinos would be allowed to operate in his state. This came as the federal authorities began cracking down on illicit land-based and online gambling operations.

It is believed that online gambling sites in Malaysia are highly popular despite being illegal. In response to this the government created a special task force to uncover underground operations. There have been several high profile raids and hundreds of arrests have been made. Look for Lanang to be a new epicenter of the national crackdown.

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