Never Trust a Politician: How Republicans Contradict Their Party and the American People

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Republicans contradict themselves saying they are after federalism, but on the other hand supporting national online gambling ban.

It seemed that online casinos in the United States have returned and are here to stay. However, there are growing concerns and opposition. Moreover, there are some contradictions within the Republican Party. Senator Mike Lee has gone against the party’s general line and says that neither online gambling nor marijuana should be legal in the country.

According to American gambling news, Mike Lee says “a new conservative reform agenda” is needed, which will be based on “three basic principles,” where one is federalism. He said: “The biggest reason the federal government makes too many mistakes is that it makes too many decisions. Most of these are decisions the federal government doesn’t have to make–and therefore shouldn’t.”

Contradictions within the party

So Lee supports each state’s right to decide on their own. But how come his name is among co-sponsors of the bill set to change American gambling laws and outlaw online poker on a federal level? No one seems to understand that. And this is another reason the Grand Old Party will probably always stay a minority – constant contradictions within their camp don’t help the unity needed for success.

The new bill

The online gambling banning bill is heavily supported by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who’s not only a heavy contributor to the Republicans, but also a land-based casino owner himself. Funnily enough, Adelson’s involvement contradicts another principle Lee outlined: stop “dispensing political privileges to prop the well-connected up.”

The supporters of the bill say it’s highly necessary to protect state autonomy, but at the same time push for a national ban on online gambling. The contradiction is clear – such a ban goes in direct conflict with Nevada, Delaware, and New Jersey decisions to allow online gambling within their borders.

What else is grinding Republicans’ gears?

Online gambling and especially online poker is not the only thing that seems to taunt restless Republicans. Recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado and Washington has been criticized by Republican legislators many times over.

They even go as far as stating that the President is bound by the constitution to abolish these experiments. Jason Smith has shared with the Attorney General Eric Holder: “Federal law takes precedence over state law. The state of Colorado is undermining…federal law, correct? Why do you fail to enforce the laws of the land?”

What do people think?

Republican efforts to outline that the only acceptable policy is prohibition is not only unsubstantiated and unprincipled, it is also politically dangerous. According to recent market researches and polls, US citizens support the legalization of both pot and online poker. The majority of supporters is of course within the younger population segment.

Republicans contradict themselves with the new bill

• Some Republicans support the bill to ban online poker sites in United States

• At the same time the party is calling for more federalism

• The two approaches are in direct contradiction

Last December the Reason-Rupe Public Opinion Survey revealed that 65 percent of American population says online poker should be legal, including 69 percent of under 55-years-of-age respondents.

As for marijuana legalization, Gallup poll last year showed 58 percent support for the move. It included 67 percent of 18-29 year-old population and 62 percent 30-49 years-old supporters. A more recent poll held by CNN this year, puts the marijuana legalization support at 55 percent, and the same breakdown by age group.

But despite the obvious support for legalization measures among the population, the Republicans are still not satisfied. They aren’t stopping at just expressing their opinion, but go as far as to try and ban both measures on a federal level. Never mind that this position is heavily contradicting their own commitment to federalism.

Once again the old saying “never trust a politician” is gaining momentum. We sincerely hope that the laws passed on state level will remain in place and more states will jump on the online gambling legalization bandwagon.

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