New Coalition in California for Promotion of Responsible Gaming Environment

PokerStars calls for responsible gambling

The coalition lead by PokerStars aims towards establishment of open and well-regulated online gaming market in the Golden State.

Several Californian casinos and US poker rooms headed by PokerStars establish a coalition that aims towards building a more liberal and fair regulations of the Californian gaming market. The so called “Californians for Responsible iPoker” coalition, is formed by five gaming groups and three cardrooms, all of which expressed their will to use PokerStars licensed software in the future.

Officials of PokerStars have stated that the coalition supports the policies of regulations that contribute the establishment of open and well-protect market. In the past they have especially stressed the need for consumer protection when the access to trusted poker brands are concerned.

Towards a safe iPoker environment

In several key points the Californians for responsible iPoker coalition have already expressed their general opinions concerning internet gambling in US. The aim of the coalition is not only lucrative in nature but is also supposed to increase residents’ consciousness about their role in establishing a well-regulated market.

The policies they propose are directed towards promoting safe and responsible iPoker environment. They include preventing minors to participate in gambling activities, promotion of special tax revenues for the state of California, as well as increased protection of the consumers participating in intrastate online gambling activities.  

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