The Next General Election in Denmark: Mette Frederiksen, Jakob Ellemann-Jensen or Søren Pape Poulsen?

  • The successful parties in current opinion polling
  • The changing of voters’ preferences in favor of Conservative People's Party
  • Check out for the new Danish prime minister odds
new Danish prime minister odds

Are you keen on world politics especially the policy of European countries? What is happening in each of these countries? Who are prime ministers and what is the prioritized policy of current prime ministers? Is Denmark the focus of interest? If yes let’s look at the next Danish general election and new prime minister possibilities by betting on new Danish prime minister odds.

Executive power of Denmark political system: The way to the Prime minister

Thus, Denmark is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy and power is distributed between executive, legislative and judicial power. Executive power is regulated by the cabinet of Denmark and the Prime Minister. This point will be the center of the analysis for betting but for guessing on the best appropriate candidate we have to look at which party has a better chance for getting the majority of seats.

Let’s start from election analysis which will be in June 2023. According to Denmark constitution General elections must be held every four years for electing 179 members of Danish Parliament. However, the Prime Minister can ask the monarch to call for an election before the term ends. So, if this doesn’t happen the next General election will be in 2023. Do you have an already personal opinion on the Danish political system and guess on the next election? If yes, why not use your known experience for betting on new Danish prime minister odds? For this you will need the best betting sites which online sportsbooks in Denmark can provide you.  If you want more info about the general election and compare this with previous results this article will be great for you.

Current situation in the Parliament and opinion polling

new Danish prime minister odds
Danish parliament – Heje, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What is the current situation in the Denmark Parliament? The current parties in the parliament are: Social Democrats, Venstre, Danish People’s Party, Danish Social Liberal Party, Socialist People’s Party, Red-Green Alliance, Conservative People’s Party, The Alternative, The New Right, Liberal Alliance and Independent. Among these parties the Social Democrats (25.9%) and Venstre (23.4%) are holding the majority seats with just 2 % differences. The other parties took the seats just with 8%, 7%, 3% or less votes. Interesting point, nonpartisan politicians didn’t get any seat in the election but now the number increased to 8. What do you think the current situation will change or will remain the same? For making sure of this, let’s look at the polling opinions for the next Danish general election.

According to the graphics, there was not a great gap between Social Democrats and Venstre in June 2019. This situation continued till June of 2020 but after this time the situation dramatically changed to the favor of SD. From the beginning of 2021 there are not many fluctuations in the numbers for SD.  However, the number of voters to the Venstre started to decline from 25 % to 11%. Another noticeable fact in the current polling is the increase of voters for Conservative People’s Party which has started since September 2020.

In the last two-months Conservative People’s Party supporters gradually increased and overcame the Venstre with 2%. The nation’s preference can change any time regardless of the dominant party’s political decisions and successful or unsuccessful regulations.  As seen, according to various opinion polling results there were not much dramatic changes in the parties’ situation. How do you think, Conservative People’s Party can reach the Social Democrats? Here is 1xBET Sportsbook for expressing your guess on new Danish prime minister odds.

The new Danish prime minister odds: The parties and candidate with more chance

new Danish prime minister odds
Jakob Ellemann – MortenZdk, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Let’s look at the candidates of each of these parties for better predictions. As we know, the current Prime Minister is Mette Frederiksen who is the leader of the Social democrat party. Currently, she is the most successful candidate. According to the DW, the youngest prime minister Danish history said they will rely on the support of four other left-of-center parties, including the Socialist People’s Party and the Social-Liberal Party. Thus, after Finland and Sweden, Denmark is the third Nordic country to form a left-leaning government over the past year. With coalition they want this dominance in the Parliament and after the failure of Social Democratic parties in Germany somehow affected the current policy of SD in Denmark.

They start to pay more attention to the welfare services, climate action, wealth taxes and ending austerity. As seen from the opinion pooling results, last month they could convince their voter and increase the voter’s number. Do you also support this policy and Mette Frederiksen in new Danish prime minister odds? Visit 1xBET Sportsbook and do your successful betting using provided info.

The other prominent candidate is Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the leader of the Venstre party.  As seen from the polling opinion, Venstre is the second party with the majority of votes after SD. This fact makes him the second affordable candidate in the next election. However, the increasing reputation of Conservative People’s Party hasn’t been underestimated. Which means Søren Pape Poulsen can overcome Jakob Ellemann-Jensen.  Do you also think so?

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