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Posted: February 7, 2023

Updated: February 7, 2023

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In this article, we are going to talk about the new gambling games in 2023. However, this article is dedicated to one of the most popular online gambling sites in the Philippines. Therefore, you can find all of these games by registering at 22BET Casino. However, if you are looking for something else then you can find similar games at other operators. In conclusion, if 22BET is not available in your region.

Then you should check out our dictionary to find legal and trustworthy operators in your region. Because these new casino games are the foundation of the new era of virtual gambling. Because 2023 will introduce you to a new era of innovations that will go live soon.

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Derby Racing – New Gambling Games In 2023

Let’s start with one of the most amazing innovations in the virtual gambling market. We have predicted this in our other article called 2023 gambling technology innovations. In conclusion, there are many countries concerned about the ethical side of animal sports. We are not talking about cruel sports like fighting. However, the amount of injuries horses and greyhounds suffer during these sports is concerning.

However, our virtual world is going to find the best solution. Because we can already simulate people. Therefore, simulating realistic animals is not impossible. This is the first casino game that seeks to replace animals with digital replicas. Try this game by registering at 22BET Casino and navigating to the 22Games section. 

Franchise – Star Wars and Heroes of The Storm

Many people agree that everything feels better if it is done under a famous franchise. For example, I learned that I can play South Park slots. Playing slot machine games with the design of my favorite show is enlightening.

New gambling games in 2023
Picture Source: Flickr

However, online operators have decided to elevate this experience to another level. Because these franchise slots not only give you icons, but they also have their function. When you learn about the new generation gambling games, the first questions are probably: Can I play Star Wars slots online? 

The answer is yes. You can play Star Wars slots among the new gambling games in 2023. There are many other franchises available. For example, HOTS, South Park, World of Warcraft, and more. According to the Gambling Commission, slots and arcades fall under the same legislative category. Good news for the fans of video and arcade games.

Satta Matka – The Indian Styled Game

Satta Matka is an interesting game. To translate the name, it means Gambling Pot. Therefore, the name describes the rules. In the 22Games version, you will be given two sets of cards, and you have to pick numbers between 1 and 9. Therefore, you will be able to place a general bet on which cards will match the number. The new gambling games in 2023 seek to bring new things to all cultures.

This is a rather interesting form of bingo slot. According to the Law Rato, the game is illegal in India, just like many other gambling activities. However, the legislation doesn’t spread to the online world. This is why we recommend you try to register online instead of looking for this game in offline casinos.

Russian Roulette Online

I remember hearing about this lethal game when I was young. Thanks to my love for action movies I enjoyed the concept. However, as I grew up I realized that Russian Roulette is terrible and should remain illegal for obvious reasons.

New gambling games in 2023
Picture Source: Pexels

However, the whole concept and system are extremely interesting when we see this game in video games. You can try Russian Roulette online without any injuries involved.

Because you can just simply lose in a virtual field without having to reach punishment. This is why we recommend you visit one of the new gambling games in 2023. Because the more popular Virtual Reality gets, the closer we will be to the resurfacing of this genre. However, some simulations already seek to establish such a system for harmless games.

Super Mario – New Gambling Games In 2023

If you are interested in the 2023 box office ranking bet, then you can pair this with the most interesting arcade-like slot machine game available online. Can you play Super Mario in a casino? Yes, you can! Therefore, you can control Mario to jump up and check random boxes. Just like slot machine games, you have a chance to receive a reward or nothing from the squares you jump against.

Therefore, this system is extremely similar to a slot reel. Except, you control your character, and you jump up to destroy boxes. These boxes may give you bonuses and multipliers based on your bet. And the game can use the same math and probabilities as a slot machine game. 

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122% match bonus up to €300

Claim up to €300 bonus cash on your first deposit when you join 22BET Casino. 18+. New customers only. 50x bonus wagering requirement applies. T&Cs apply.

Crash Is The Most Popular Game

We know, Crash is not really among the new gambling games in 2023. Because this game was invented almost at the same time during the crypto craze. However, as cryptocurrencies have started to decline in value, Crash decided to stay relative. To explain, in this game you can place a bet of your choice. However, a helicopter or a spaceship starts to fly horizontally. Therefore, every second it spends flying will multiply the value of your bet. However, you have to stop your bet before the plane crashes.

Therefore, you can lose your bet by letting it multiply too much. The thrill of the game comes with the fact that sometimes it can reach extremely valuable multipliers. Therefore, discipline will reward you. But luck will make you rich. We also highly recommend you register at 22BET Casino and try Crash as the best casino game of 2023.

Play Rock Paper Scissors For Real Cash

I love to play Rock Paper Scissors because I think it is a fair game. Therefore, there are no strategies to win. However, there are intuitive skills you can use. It is always gambling. However, there are strategies in which you can gamble.

New gambling games in 2023
Picture Source: Flickr

In conclusion, I think everyone who enjoys poker, should also enjoy Rock Paper Scissors. This is why I am hyped to introduce you to the new gambling games in 2023.

Because you can bet on the result of rock paper and scissors. However, this is a little fairer than real life. Because the computer can not change its results. According to Quanta Magazine, you should keep the Nash Equilibria in mind while playing. Because if you pick the same symbol for too long, the computer might adopt a counter strategy.

Dungeon-Themed – New Gambling Games In 2023

Finally, we can not talk about the new games without mentioning our Dungeons & Dragons gambling ideas. Because one of the biggest innovations when it comes to slot machines is the graphical engine. Therefore, casinos will put you into a fantasy adventure. However, you will receive rewards with a gambling mechanism. Furthermore, you are going to pay cash to guess the enemies in a dungeon.

This is a rather abstract concept for now. Yet, we can see that video games such as Diablo Mobile have adopted gambling systems. Therefore, why wouldn’t casinos decide to adapt video game systems? Try out the first version of these by registering at 22BET Casino.

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