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  • Germany to restrict illegal online operators
  • The CGL replaces Saxony-Anhalt State Administration Office
  • New gambling regulator in Germany
New Gambling Regulator In Germany

There is a new gambling regulator in Germany. It will replace the State Administration Office. Because they tasked the CGL to crop out trouble. Furthermore, they will make sure to prevent illegal activities. Therefore, it will be their job to improve safety. Of German people on the internet. Furthermore, these operators broke the law and their license agreement. Therefore, this new office will enforce new features.

Such as a payment lock on illegal activities. Therefore, you can browse online gambling sites in Germany. Without worrying about breaking the law. Because our dictionary only has regulators who are safe and lawful. The new gambling operator will work together to secure the online space.

New Gambling Regulator in Germany

Germany has a rich heritage and culture when it comes to gambling. Because they have one of the most beautiful casinos. Therefore, they have established a new gambling regulator in Germany. Because the country wants to keep the state clean from unlawful activities. However, they are going to assist the new company called CGL. Because they will establish a modern system to prevent these activities.

New Gambling Regulator In Germany
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Yet, there are still ongoing cases about illegal gambling activities and law-breaking operators. So, the CGL is already operating in the country. They are working on establishing the restrictions as you read this article. There are 25 new operators in the country. Therefore, the crime rates are increasing with a reason.

148 Cases Of Illegal Gambling And 25 Operators Prosecuted

Germany is one of the most innovative countries in the world. However, their strict laws are often combating their technological potential. For example, the origins of online sports bets can be traced back to Germany. Because the very first online sportsbook was run by a german illegal gambling rig. Now we refer to them as the very first online casino. Therefore, we are talking about Everygame Casino, alias Intertops.

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However, there are boundaries online operators shouldn’t cross. Because small law breakings have resulted in 148 cases of illegal online gambling. Furthermore, they have talked to the CGL about preventing these activities. Therefore, they seek to avoid future prosecutions. Because the new gambling regulator in Germany will bring modern solutions. These will help the cooperation with operators.

Much Stronger Player Protection Guidelines

According to FocusGN, the new gambling regulator in Germany has a website established. Furthermore, this website is an official government website. Thus, they are already working together with the operators for the betterment of online safety. Furthermore, they are not entirely replacing the Saxony-Anhalt office. Therefore, this is cooperation between the old and the new. However, CGL will not work alone.

New Gambling Regulator In Germany
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They will work together with the previous office. Therefore, breaking the law will have serious results. This protection will spread over to the whole country. Because they want to ensure a healthy atmosphere. Therefore, they are sharing the responsibilities. You should try to play at Dublinbet Casino. Because their website is the best at following German laws. However, illegal activities will soon lead to an IP ban. The new rules will restrict users a little more from now on.

New Gambling Regulator In Germany To Crop Out Illegal Operators

According to iGB, there is a reason why they need a new gambling regulator in Germany. Because they have to weed out illegal activities. Ronald Benter, a member of the CGL was satisfied with the cooperation. The two companies were working together without any complications. Furthermore, from the 1st of July, 2022. The Lugas System will establish an automatic IP block. Because this will prevent users from committing illegal activity.

New Gambling Regulator In Germany
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Therefore, they have already developed the technology. Therefore, illegal gambling activities will redirect to a blocking page.  They are trying to come up with fair rules. Because chasing criminals is an outdated solution. Instead, they will prevent the crime to happen. Breaking law after the efforts will result in court.

The Head of the New Gambling Regulator in Germany

According to Gambling News, the new leader is experienced. Because Nadja Wierzejewski will lead the new office. The new gambling regulator in Germany is strong. Because she is an experienced lawyer. Who will combat illegal gambling advertisements and operations? Furthermore, she has 14 years of experience in similar positions. She will be in charge of Lugas. An advanced cross-operator gaming supervision system.

Because all operators with a license must establish the Lugas system. Furthermore, they must use an analytic system. Which provides data about the behavior of the users. Because they are going to use this valuable information to keep their system ahead of our time. However, keep in mind that this will all serve the safety of gamblers. They are not banning crypto casinos. Therefore, you should check out the 2022 Cryptocurrency Betting Predictions.

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German Online Gambling Will Be Safer Than Ever

In a conclusion to the new gambling regulator in Germany. We are going to explain the Lugas System. The system is simple. Because operators must enforce a deposit limit. Furthermore, with this system one user may only have one online casino open at the same time. Therefore, people in Germany may not open more than one gambling site at the same time. This is why we recommend you pick the best website.

Because Dublinbet Casino is the best casino for German citizens. Therefore, Dublinbet Casino values the safety of its players. Furthermore, they never had a single problem with the law of Germany. Therefore, these ethical gambling sites will make sure that banned individuals may not return under a new alias.

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