New Hampshire Couple Wins Huge Jackpot in Las Vegas


Posted: August 25, 2014

Updated: June 4, 2017

One of the most vaunted slot machines at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas brought a New Hampshire couple the big jackpot.

Walter and Linda Misco of Chester, New Hampshire, made the local gambling news last week after winning the big jackpot at the Lion’s Share slot machine in Las Vegas. The couple won $2.4-million jackpot, a prize many gamblers have tried to get their hands on over the years. It only took them a $100 “investment” and 5 minutes of play before the slot machine awarded the big prize.

In a press conference held after the big event, Walter Misco, who is 66 years old and retired, told reporters: “I had seen a story about the machine online and my wife and I walked by the machine when we arrived. She said, ‘You have to play this machine and win on this machine.’ So I was just following orders from the boss.”

Machine pays long-awaited jackpot

Lion’s Share is the last progressive slot machine left on the Las Vegas casino’s floor. Players have been trying to squeeze the big prize out of it since the 1990s, when the game was very popular. In fact, casino officials said it was the most popular slot machine on the floor.

MGM Grand is one of the largest casinos licensed under American gambling laws, offering thousands of slot machines. Now that Lion’s Share has finally having paid out, the management of the casino is considering letting the Misco family take it back home with them, to New Hampshire.

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