New Online Casino Proposal from Atlantic Lottery Cooperation

Canadian Maritime Provinces Would get an Online Casino Under Proposals from Atlantic Lottery Cooperation

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Atlantic Lottery Cooperation could be about to set up an online casino in Canada, after expressing interest in the venture. The Canadian lottery games operator is just the latest company to express that interest, after hints that the Canadian online market could be regulated shortly.

Current Canadian gambling laws are rather confusing, with no licenses given to operators. Companies have set up shop in the country however, and Canadian gamblers can play at foreign based online casinos too. With support for a new regulatory framework extensive, however, it may not be much longer before the North American country launches new regulations.

Different provinces in Canada have launched their own online casinos in recent times, however, and have not encountered any governmental problems, with websites launched in Quebec and British Columbia already. As such, the Atlantic Lottery Cooperation feels it necessary to launch a Maritime online and mobile casino to ensure East Canada doesn’t lose out on any gambling income.

The cooperation was also in the news recently, after speaking out against advertisement at a Canadian American football match. The match featured heavy advertising from betting firm Bet365, despite the company not having a Canadian license.

CEO Brent Scrimshaw was very outspoken against the actions: “The signs of one of those operators was painted on the field and displayed on the sidelines, and marketing teams worked the crowd. So, unlike Atlantic Lottery, these offshore, unregulated and illegal sites do not operate with responsible gaming as part of their DNA. They do not have a stake in the well-being of Atlantic Canadians.”

With another Canadian online casino due to launch in Ontario before the end of the year, the Atlantic Lottery Cooperation will need to act fast if it doesn’t want to be left behind. It still needs to ensure the backing of provincial government however, approval that isn’t yet completely certain.

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