New York Allows Keno Terminals at Pubs

Governor Cuomo brings keno machines to New York pubs. These are owned by the state lottery.

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Now, the New York State residents will be able to play the game of keno at local pubs. Keno is a game of chance rather than skill and resembles the lottery. The numbers are drawn randomly, just like with the lottery, but options to bet are usually wider.

The State of New York, under the leadership of Governor Andrew Cuomo, has been liberalizing its gambling regulations, seeking to extend gambling as much as it can under the existing American gambling laws.

It is going as far as seeking to match the State of Nevada, although gambling industry is New York is quite small in comparison to this Western state.

At this point, gambling in New York State is allowed at the Indian casinos, while the racetracks have slot machines. Cuomo is also seeking to license several more land-based casinos, possibly one in New York City.

The keno machines are operated by the state lottery and have already been installed in nearly 100 pubs under the name Quick Draw. As many as 500 machines, if not more, are going to be installed at additional pubs. The pubs that don’t serve food will also be able to have these machines. (Under the previous regulations they couldn’t.)

The keno machines may bring as much as $20 million a year to the state coffers. While seeking more revenues, the state government is also considering other alternatives such as legalizing American poker rooms in the Empire State.

When new developments occur, we at the American gambling news will bring you the latest reports and analysis.

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