New Zealand Derby Odds, Predictions and Betting Tips

  • We expect an exciting race in early April on the Ellersile Racecourse
  • 22BET Sportsbook favour Copy That with 3.00 odds
  • Despite his long 9.00 odds, Stylish Memphis can also be a shoo-in
New Zealand Derby Odds
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The Auckland Cup is one of the most prestigious events in the world of harness racing. Even more, probably, it’s one of the most popular trotting events in the world. We take an early look at the New Zealand Derby odds to make our predictions. Based on the statistics we will name the five horses who have the highest chance to achieve victory.

The Auckland Cup and mostly the New Zealand Derby have an unbelievable tradition. Harness racing is a thing in Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that the event is still as important and popular as it was decades ago. That’s why online gambling sites in New Zealand have already created their wagers.

The run will take place in early April. The challenge is a set-weight race on 2400 meters only for 3-year-old thoroughbreds. That already makes things interesting. Young horses on a long track. These events always have breathtaking moments in the beginning and in the end as well. Even more, based on the New Zealand Derby odds we can expect an exciting race for the places on the podium as well. Five horses are leading the predictions, head to head.

Based on the New Zealand Derby Odds at 22BET „Copy That” is most likely to achieve the first place

This spring is Copy’s last opportunity to run with the younger horses because his birthday is in May. So, the New Zealand Trophy is his last chance to write history. In his previous 5 races, he was a step away from the world record on the longer distances (over 2000m). This time the stakes are even higher because this race is not just about money but about prestige as well. His attempts to beat the world record puts him in the front of the New Zealand Derby odds. He leads the predictions of the 22BET Sportsbook with his 3.00 odds, as you can see below in the table.

New Zealand Derby Odds at the 22BET Sportsbook
Copy That 3.00
Line Up 4.00
Italian Lad 4.00
One Change 5.00
Amazing Dream 6.00
Stylish Memphis 9.00

Copy That has outstanding performances, however, he has four talented challengers as well

As you can see above in the table, the odds on the potential shoo-ins are pretty close to each other. Ante-post harness and horse races are always like this. All the odds are high because all the information that we can rely on is their statistics from the previous events. Still, every track is different and a couple of months can cause significant changes in a horse performance. Therefore, we can say that it’s impossible to make 100% predictions in this early period. Copy That leads the statistics but the aggressive riding that his competitors represent can push him off the podium.

New Zealand Derby Odds
We are facing an exciting race

Line Up means a threat to him because he is just a step away from finishing the track as fast as Copy. Italian Lad and One Change also can be a problem for the potential winner. They race as madmen and they do anything to achieve victory.

If you like high odds you must bet on Stylish Memphis to win the 2020 New Zealand Derby

We all know, if you bet on ante-post horse and harness races, you can’t afraid of a bit of venture if you want to go for „the big money”. So, let me introduce to you Stylish Memphis. He has a long 9.00 odds at 22BET, so, he can earn you a lot. He’s not even in the top five based on the New Zealand Derby betting odds, however, he can make a great surprise. What makes Stylish Memphis outstanding? His statistics are way better than the others’, which makes his odds high at the online sportsbooks in New Zealand is the average times he finished the tracks in the past months.

However, we must mention that these were not real big trotting acts just smaller runs. If we take a look at his performances at the big races, from his 12 starts he finished in the first place 6 times and was in the top three 5 times. Also, this is his last chance to participate in the 3-year-old category. Despite these pieces of information are not typically highlighted in the online sportsbooks news in New Zealand, a bet on Stylish Memphis can be a sensible choice.

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