James or Jane: Bet on the Next Bond Gender after Daniel Craig

  • Jane Bond is likely to appear after Daniel Craig’s retirement
  • A chance to see popular British actors in Bond’s suite is way higher
Bet on the Next Bond Gender after Daniel Craig
Who's going to follow Daniel Craig?
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It is confirmed that there will be two Bonds in the 25th film of the spy franchise. Daniel Craig wears James Bond suite as expected but this time Lashana Lynch joins him as another agent 007. This casting decision confirms the rumors of changing James to Jane. So it is reasonable to bet on the next Bond gender to be female.

No Time To Die will be the last Bond film starring Daniel Craig, who played the spy five times. Despite the film will be on screens in April 2020, producers of the film franchise already think about Craig’s successor. By online sportsbook news in the US, there’s a high chance that the next Bond will be a woman.

Bet on the next Bond gender to be female

Since 2017, the mass media constantly shares a thought about changing James Bond’s gender. Despite this character is originally male in Ian Fleming’s book series, the current Hollywood tendency for gender-swapped reboots may touch this spy franchise too.

Bet on Next James Bond Gender after Daniel Craig
Former Bond: Roger Moore (Allan warren [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
These rumors remained so until No Time To Die producers made a cast list public. According to it, there will be two 007 agents in the upcoming film. One is played by Craig, while the other has a face of a 31-years-old British actress Lashana Lynch. This announcement made fans guess that the studio seriously intends to make the next Bond female either with Lynch or without.

Therefore, it is reasonable to bet on the next Bond gender to be female. 1xBet Sportsbook offers nice odds to bet on – 9.00. If the next Bond will bear the name Jane, you can significantly benefit from it.

A chance to keep the “traditional Bond” is still high

Despite the chance to meet Jane bond is really high, betting on the traditional male agent 007 is still based on reasonable grounds. Firstly, there was still no case when such a popular franchise made a gender-swapped reboot. This decision is always quite risky and can cause a disturbance wave along with low box-office. The most bright example of unsuccessful is Ghostbusters (2016).

Secondly, there’s an impressive list of male actors who can play the next James Bond. Tom Hiddlestone, Tom Hardy and Idris Elba are just a few of them. Here you can learn more about betting on a particular actor to become the next Bond.

Finally, online sportsbooks in the US show the best odds on the next 007 to remain male. The odds of 1.05 leave no doubt that we won’t see Jane Bond at least in the 26th film of the franchise.

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