Bet on The Irishman to win Oscar – Scorsese’s big hit releasing in fall 2019

  • Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran intense life story to hit the cinemas in fall 2019
  • The film budget exceeding $175 million with Netflix as a production house
  • Odds of 4.00 to win the best picture at the Academy Awards 2020
Bet on The Irishman to win Oscar
Robert De Niro's new movie could win the award
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Martin Scorsese is a name prominent throughout the Film industry; mainly due to his brilliant work and also because of the man himself. The Irishman is one of Scorsese’s upcoming work which has been in production for almost a decade. Bet on The Irishman to win Oscar is already making rounds in the entertainment industry. In fact, it is just beside Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’ with odds of 4.00 on bet365 to win the best picture at the Oscar Gala.

 The Irishman is a real-life story based on the character of the infamous hitman, Frank Sheeran; De Niro plays the character of Sheeran. Other Academy Award winners include Al Pacino who plays Jimmy Hoffa and Joe Pesci who plays Russell Bufalino. The film will have a vintage take on the events entailing Sheeran’s involvement with the Italian crime family, integrated with Scorsese’s remarkable direction.

Bet on The Irishman to win Oscar: Frank ‘The Irishman’ Sheeran

Sheeran had a troublesome childhood; he grew up with his father, near Philidelphia, who would encourage violence. In 1941 Frank went to Italy to fight in World War II. The war made a grim change in his personality. The Irishman was able to kill without any qualms which later lead to him becoming a notorious hitman.

Bet on the Irishman
Robert de Niro (Georges Biard [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
Sheeran’s traits made the head of the Italian crime family, Russell Bufalino, approach him and offer him work. He would drive Russell Buffalino to his meetings where secret deals would take place. Soon enough, Sheeran became a close accomplice to the Mafia Godfather. He would carry out several killings on command and was also a part of several organized crime waves.

Scorsese has collected a total of 300 scenes which determines his dedication to this film. The multiple stages of Sheeran’s life will portray his character throughout the movie; even a young De Niro (with CGI) will perform the early days of his life.

It’s a story that could easily win the Oscar most years. However, this year, the challengers are quite impressive, including The Joker.

Bet on The Irishman to win Oscar: Budget for the film well over $175 million

The Irishman has been in development since 2008 and had to deal with the misfortune of the non-committal behavior of production houses. Scorsese’s ambitions got the best of him; Paramount agreed to a $100 million budget which exceeded $175 million even before cameras started rolling. The additional cost was due to the massive CGI budget required to take De Niro and Al Pacino back almost 25 years in age. The Studios backed out of their agreement and left Scorsese with an upcoming film and nowhere to manifest it. They might end up winning the Oscar. However, Joaquin Phoenix still has great chances as well…

Netflix chose to replace Paramount Pictures and partnered with Scorsese. However, Scorsese is a cinema man. One of the deals upon which he agreed to let Netflix stream his film was that they would release it in the cinemas prior to online release.

Netflix has made a successful gamble which could lead them back to the Cannes Festival. Netflix previously had a ban imposed by Cannes in light of its abrupt release schedules. On the contrary, Cannes would not miss the release of one of Martin Scorsese’s films due to the high mutual respect. Online sportsbooks in the USA support the impressive odds provided by bet365, consequently making The Irishman a brilliant deal Netflix made in a long time. 

The Irishman belongs to the genre of film, festivals love to host. Bet on The Irishman to win Oscar can be seen coming to life with the immense amount of popularity the film is gathering.

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