Bet on Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscar for “Joker”

  • Bookies favor Joaquin two win his first Oscar on 2020
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is eligible for the second trophy
Bet on Joaquin Phoenix to Win the Oscar
Phoenix is one of the top candidates… Image source: AntMan3001 via Flickr

Top sportsbook analysts offer to bet on Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscar in 2020.  The actor is tipped to get a nod for playing the titular character in the first standalone movie about Joker.

Long before the release of the first trailer, Joaquin Phoenix’s “Joker” was predicted to be phenomenal. Actor’s insane talent set a high bar of expectations from him and it seems he lives up to that notion. Recently Phoenix scooped the Golden Lion top prize at the annual Venice Film Festival for his embodiment of Batman’s arch-enemy. Is he good enough to secure an Academy Award with a comic-book villain impersonation? Some online sportsbook news in the US regard several A-list actors as heavy contenders against him.

Will you bet on Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscar?
Joaquin Phoenix 1.80
Tom Hanks 5.50
Leonardo DiCaprio 6.50
Robert De Niro 6.50

Why you should bet on Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscar?

Traditionally, a barrage of computer-generated effects backed by an enormous budget is not a guaranty for AMPAS approval. Those types of movies might secure a box-office triumph and get snubbed by award shows. However, Joker is a major contender as a character itself. All it takes is for the director to trust the right actor to breathe life into it. So far, Heath Ledger’s interpretation holds the title for the best Joker impersonation, winning him an Oscar for supporting role.

While Phoenix’s Joker is way different, online sportsbooks in the US regard him as an avid favorite in Best Actor nomination. Touching upon the pressing challenge of mental health, director Todd Phillips portrayed Joker as a loner with a Tourette’s-style condition. It practically compels him to laugh for no reason. Facing the harsh healthcare system he will have nowhere to seek help. With Gotham City on the verge of civil strife, Joker would be the one to put the finishing touch.

Phoenix’s version is more nuanced than the previous ones and shows all depth of the character’s personal struggles. It grips the audience’s sympathy towards supervillain even when he goes absolutely psychotic, ensuing mayhem. The “Gladiator” star completely immersed himself in the role, covering all the sides of the character. With the green-light from film critics worldwide, 1xBET Sportsbook analysts line Phoenix up as the top contender for an Oscar nod.

Frontrunners for best actor – who, if not Phoenix?

It is reasonable to bet on Joaquin Phoenix to win the Oscar for “Joker”. The character beyond peradventure is powerful. The 44-year-old actor is charismatic and fierce, having handled personalities that are hard to define. However, he might face some serious competition from Hollywood’s elite.  According to early combined predictions by 1xBET Sportsbook Oscar winners are the closest contenders.

Bet on Joaquin Phoenix to Win the Oscar DiCaprio
He might beat Phoenix though… Image source: Siebbi [CC BY 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons
Leonardo DiCaprio’s time may have come again. Starring in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the actor won rave reviews for his role. Back in August, he was the favourite to secure the Academy Award for Best Actor in 2020. Now his chances scale at 6.50. The same odds stand for two-time Oscar winner Robert De Niro. Three decades later the 76-year-old actor reunited with his “Goodfellas” co-star Joe Pesci on the set of another Scorsese film. The legendary duo’s collaboration might bring another Oscar statue to his trophy cabinet.

The Oscars love Tom Hanks, but he hasn’t received a nomination since 2002. Bookies suggest that the portrayal of American television icon Fred Rogers might finally earn him the third nod – 5.50. Make sure to check the latest review about 1xBET Sportsbook, before placing any bets on Oscars 2020.

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