2019 Canadian Election Betting Odds Indicate Liberals and Tories in Tight Race

  • This election will likely be a referendum on PM Trudeau
  • Should Tories claim victory, it will be with a narrow margin
  • It is better not to overlook small parties like the NDP and Greens
2019 Canadian Election Betting Odds Justin Trudeau
Justin is once again the top pick. Image source: 2017 Canada Summer Games via Flickr

Canada is due to have a Federal Election on October 21 and the campaign has already kicked off. Hence, it is the perfect time to look at the 2019 Canadian election betting odds. The bookies suggest Liberals and Tories are running roughly neck-and-neck.

Canadians will be going to the polls next month, to decide which party will dominate in the House of Commons. The main topics to preoccupy voters are the cost of living, the economy, climate change, and immigration. As for now, the campaign is shaping up to be a battle between the two biggest parties, the Liberals and the Conservatives.

2019 Canadian Election Betting Odds
Liberal Party 1.83
Conservative Party 1.83
New Democratic Party 66.00
The Green Party 498.00

The national polls suggest the Liberals and the Conservatives are expected to win just over 30% each. In other words, each party will likely win around 150 seats in the Commons. Hence, the 2019 Canadian election betting odds also suggest the two parties are running in a dead heat with a value of 1.83 as per 22BET Sportsbook. However, keep in mind that before Liberals won the 2015 election, they were running as massive underdogs at online sportsbooks in Canada. Therefore, It is better not to overlook small parties like the NDP and Greens.

A referendum on Mr. Trudeau

The Liberal PM Justin Trudeau is seeking a second mandate, and several news networks including the BBC, expect this election to be a referendum on his first term. During the past four years, Mr. Trudeau kept some of his promises. He legalized recreational cannabis, brought in a means-tested child benefit program, and championed gender equality. However, he failed to follow through other commitments, such as balancing the budget.

Trudeau enjoyed a long political honeymoon with the Canadian public. Yet, this year his rates started decreasing, due to several controversies. He faced an ethics crisis regarding SNC-Lavalin affair. He also faced criticism for buying a C$4.5bn oil pipeline and for not canceling an arms deal with Saudi Arabia. All of that has put the Liberals in a tough race against Tories.

Tories might be ahead with a narrow margin

Tories who were ousted from power by Trudeau-led Liberal Party in 2015, seek a comeback. They are led by Andrew Scheer formerly the youngest-ever speaker in the House of Commons. Mr. Scheer has the best shot of unseating the PM Trudeau, but he lacks the celebrity-ness. However, his Conservative Party are doing good in their prairie strongholds of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Besides, the Tories recently appeared to be more popular than the Liberals by some pollsters such as the Forum Research. Will Tories take over the House of Commons? It is hard to say, but they might win with a narrow margin, according to online sportsbook news in Canada.

2019 Canadian Election Betting Odds Andrew Scheer
Trudeau’s only challenger… Image source: Andre Forget – Andrew Scheer [CC0] via Wikimedia Commons

NDP remain the distant third as for now

The New Democratic Party (NDP) are led by a fresh face in federal politics Jagmeet Singh, 40. Mr. Singh is away down in the list when compared to Mr. Scheer and Trudeau as a potential PM. Thus, that will certainly affect whether NDP will do good or lose seats in the parliament. 

At the national polls, NDP are placed third with roughly 14% support. However, there is still plenty of time for big shifts to happen in the polls, and the NDP might surprisingly surge as Liberals did four years ago. Should you believe in the unexpected, place a bet with 66.00 odds on NDP to win the elections at 22BET Sportsbook.

The Greens might be tied with the NDP

The Green Party led by Elizabeth May rose up and received a lot of attention over the summer. Some analysts even think that the Party is at historic highs and it might be tied with the NDP. The Greens add nothing more than unpredictability to this election. And, of course, a rise for the Greens means other contenders are slowing down. So, do not write the Greens off as Canada might swing quickly. Besides, you can get a huge profit if you pick the Greens. The 2019 Canadian election betting odds are 498.00 for the Greens to win most seats.

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