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Glenn McGrath is famous for being the most successful Test bowler to ever grace the pitch. However, he isn’t the fastest green top, pitches offering bounce are heaven for fast bowlers. However, particularly thus, for the following list of bowlers who utilized speed as their essential weapon. Unlike bowlers who utilized a mixture of abilities, such as swing, variation, line, and length, these bowlers threatened their adversaries because of the sheer speed of their deliveries. So what was the fastest ball ever to be bowled? Does any current bowler make it into this rundown? The following is a list of the 7 fastest balls bowled in international cricket. ... read more

From the era of Mahadevan Sathasivam in the 1940s, Sri Lanka has consistently been a power to battle with. The MJ Gopalan Trophy, the yearly contest between Tamil Nadu and Ceylon; ensured that their names made it to the Indian cricket media. Their once in a lifetime opportunity came after overcoming India in the 1979 World Cup; inside three years the Sri Lanka cricket team played Test cricket. It took them longer than 10 years to win a foreign series arrangement – in New Zealand. However, once that occurred there was no halting them. They demolished different teams on their path to lifting the 1996 World Cup. Men like Sanath Jayasuriya reclassified the idea of aggressive batting during the 1990s. The following is a Sri Lanka cricket players biography. ... read more

In the great universe of cricket, South Africa was one of the earliest Test-playing nations, becoming one since 1888. They began their excursion in the realm of cricket with a two-Test arrangement against England in 1888-89 under the captaincy of Owen Dunnell. As the years passed by, they turned into a power to deal with. During the 1900s their volunteer army of googly bowlers foxed the Englishmen into a rout. By the 1950s, they had a competitive side. In 1952-53, under the capable stewardship of Jack Cheetham, they drew a Test series against the imposing Australian side. It was in 1969-70 however that they contacted magnified statures in the realm of cricket. With any semblance of Barry Richards, Trevor Goddard, Graeme Pollock, Peter Pollock, Mike Procter, Eddie Barlow, Lee Irvine playing for them, and Ali Bacher driving the side, they dominated Australia and won the arrangement 4-0. Following 21 years, South Africa cricket players returned into the global fold by playing a One-Day International arrangement against India. ... read more

Hardly any historians or sociologists can clarify the furor for the game of cricket in India that developed over the time of the colonists. Cricket has unquestionably discovered its masses through the Indian populace. As Ashis Nandy states, “cricket is an Indian game that was coincidentally found by the British”. India played its first Test in 1932. Indian cricket had generally seen limitations to the individual splendor of greats like Vijay Merchant, Vijay Hazare, and Vinoo Mankad. Till it matured in 1971 with the twin triumphs over England and West Indies at their home. The triumphs likewise were in harmony with the ascent of Sunil Gavaskar, and towards the decade’s end. He was joined by Kapil Dev; who steered India to their first World Cup win in 1983. The following is a list of India cricket players biography. ... read more

The Cricket world cup takes place every 4 years similar to the football world cup. In the list of most-watched world cups, cricket ranks at number 3 just behind football and Tour de France. Interestingly, in the 2019 world cup, 2.6 billion viewers tuned in to watch the most popular cricket event of the year. This goes on to prove that cricket certainly is more popular than most people imagine it to be. The first-ever Cricket world cup dates back to 1975, which is less than 50 years ago. Since then there have been 12 cricket world cup winners. ... read more

Indian Premier League or in short IPL, is a cricket league which originated in India in 2007. In some ways, IPL is more famous than the regular variants of cricket. IPL usually takes place in the spring and early summer seasons of March and May. The league currently consists of 8 teams. These teams represent 8 cities/states in India. The format of IPL is the fast-paced Twenty20, which keeps the games exciting. IPL is hands down the most popular cricket league. Effective broadcasting has been one of the most lucrative ways IPL has spread throughout the globe. With the rising popularity and the compelling need to learn more about IPL, we have prepared a cricket Indian premier league guide for you. ... read more

Sports records are a way to remember and connect the achievements of players throughout the age. Some might even say records make players competitive in their effort in trying to break them. Some are easily broken, while some may last decades. Nonetheless, they bring us names which we will remember for a long time as legends. Cricket records are no different. In fact, cricket is a sport with several ways to reach the records hall of fame. The following is a list of the many cricket records set by a plethora of athletes. ... read more

Zimbabwe has been a puzzler at the most elevated level. Since the time they emerged onto the scene during the 1983 World Cup with a shocking success against Australia. They have had a couple of extraordinary moments. However have had a lot of controversies too at the same time. In 1981 they turned into an ICC associate member after their stunning win against Australia at the 1983 World Cup. Thereafter they kept playing in the lower divisions. They showed up in World Cups 1987 and 1992, winning against England in the last mentioned. They played their first Test against India in 1992 at Harare and put forth a valiant effort. Notwithstanding, they never truly formed into a side that could bulldoze different oppositions in the game of cricket. With such a unpredictable cricket journey, the Zimbabwe cricket players came under the spotlight. ... read more

Scarcely any cricket sides have been as inconsistent as Pakistan. Few have wavered so often between the grand and the frightful. In addition to the controversies, Pakistan is famous for having a one-of-its-kind cricket style. Having picked up Test status following the subcontinent’s partition, Pakistan enlisted their maiden Test triumph at their second match with India at Lucknow. After two years they crushed the English at their home. With their apparently unending inventory of fast bowlers, have stayed a power as imposing as any over many years. Their arch-rivalry against their adversaries India positions close to just the Ashes regarding cricket contests. Yet they have had their conflicts with different sides also. Both England and Australia have been in engagement in on-and off-field conflicts with Pakistan. However, notwithstanding all that, they had kept on flourishing. Therefore, we have comprised a list of Pakistan cricket players biography to examine the athletes in the team. ... read more

Each World Cup carries with it a bunch of records that are commonly broken one way or the other. With these records come exceptional performances which lasts decades in some cases. When the we think of cricket world cup records we think of outstanding names in the sports history. The cricket hall of fame has legends who hold promising record. Some of these still belong to famous names, while many are now in possession of newcommers. Along these lines, in this article, we will investigate the distinctive cricket World Cup records. Furthermore, we will take a flashback at the cricket World Cup records from 1975 to 2019. ... read more

Each Cricket playing country around the globe endeavors to carve their names in the T20 Cricket World Cup Winners List. Formerly known as ICC World Twenty20, International Cricket Council (ICC) arranges an International Twenty20 cricket competition, every two years. Cricket fans are energetically standing by to see which group will enroll its name in the Men’s T20 World Cup Winners List next year and who will be given up. ... read more

Cricket was acquainted with the world by England all the way back in the eighteenth century. WG Grace can very likely be viewed as the man for molding cricket the way it is today. The historical backdrop of the England cricket players can be traced back to 1877 when they took on Australia. It was the first Test match played throughout the entire existence of the game. By 1882-83, when England played Australia, the competition came to be known as the Ashes. From that point forward, the two teams have battled like the devil to regain the Ashes Urn. In 1932-33, the standoff between the two teams reached an immeasurable scope. Douglas Jardine, trying to prevent Don Bradman from scoring piles of runs, had chosen to build up the fast leg hypothesis. Thus, this became famous as the Bodyline. ... read more

The inception of cricket took place in England with a handful of players. However, it truly took off with their challenges against Australia. It had all begun when a gathering of Australian Aborigines had visited England in 1868. Hence, it took nine years to play the first-ever Test, and five additional years for the Ashes. It took quite a few years for a third team to rival Australia and England. South Africa and West Indies had engraved their names in the world of cricket for a long time. The world of cricket had already seen the whole career of Don Bradman – the best cricketer that ever was. Doubtlessly Australia has been the most consistent team over the decades. There has not been a five-year span of time during which they were not among the top three sides. The following is a list of Australia cricket players’ biography. ... read more

Had there been no West Indies, cricket would not have arrived at the stature it has today. There have maybe not been solitary other groups whose occupants have taken cricket up as naturally. To draw a relationship from football, West Indies can be known as the Brazil of cricket. As things stand today, 15 nations shape the West Indies. The nations partake in different games as individual groups; it is just cricket that ties them together. Despite the fact that George Headley, the three Ws [Frank Worrell, Clyde Walcott and Everton Weekes], and Garry Sobers had enhanced the game fundamentally in their primes; their brilliant time came during the 1970s and 1980s. This article aims to provide you a brief insight into the career of  West Indies cricket players who are among some of the best cricket players in history. ... read more

The salary of athletes has been a controversial topic at times. Many would argue that other professions deserve more considering the harsh nature of their jobs. On the contrary, who can possibly come to a fair conclusion which satisfies everyone? No one perhaps. We will discuss the top 10 highest-paid athletes in 2020 and break down their total annual earnings. ... read more

Sport is a beautiful thing, it brings out the worst and best patriotic sentiments in people. Each individual sport can make crowds scream their lungs out- praises or abuses based on the performance of their teams. On the other hand, the Olympics takes the upper hand in aggravating crowds and countries alike. Why? The Olympics hosts 33 sports. Then the patriotism multiplies. We were due to see the Olympics in Tokyo this year, however, due to coronavirus, a new date was allocated for the sports event. The best you can do is to indulge yourself in some rather mind-blowing Olympics facts. These might last you another year. ... read more