The salary of athletes has been a controversial topic at times. Many would argue that other professions deserve more considering the harsh nature of their jobs. On the contrary, who can possibly come to a fair conclusion which satisfies everyone? No one perhaps. We will discuss the top 10 highest-paid athletes in 2020 and break down their total annual earnings. ... read more

Sport is a beautiful thing, it brings out the worst and best patriotic sentiments in people. Each individual sport can make crowds scream their lungs out- praises or abuses based on the performance of their teams. On the other hand, the Olympics takes the upper hand in aggravating crowds and countries alike. Why? The Olympics hosts 33 sports. Then the patriotism multiplies. We were due to see the Olympics in Tokyo this year, however, due to coronavirus, a new date was allocated for the sports event. The best you can do is to indulge yourself in some rather mind-blowing Olympics facts. These might last you another year. ... read more

If you are not living under a rock you must have heard about the amazing tv-show ‘La Casa De Papel’ or Money Heist. The series which began in 2017 not only became famous in Spain but worldwide. To judge the popularity of the show you can simply look at the ratings on Rotten Tomatoes which is 100%. Presently, fans are waiting for 3rd April so they can binge-watch the much-anticipated Part 4 of the series. The ending of Part 3 was an ultimate cliffhanger which has left many questioning the fate of multiple characters, especially Nairobi’s. Money Heist odds will discuss whether Nairobi gets to see another day or not. ... read more

As the casinos and several gambling joints are closing down, people are in need of new systems which help them continue gambling. But do not despair, theLotter is here to cheer everyone up and allow you to participate online. We will tell you how to win Saturday lotto. ... read more

Masterchef Australia is back with an all-new ensemble. Well, not exactly since all the contestants are from previous seasons. Except for the hosts of the show. The beloved judges have left the prestigious competition and are replaced with new equally qualified judges. The participants this year are all familiar faces. They are either runner ups from previous years or finished in top 10. Given that most of them are professionals practising in the culinary world, season 12 will be a tough one. Let’s take a look at the Masterchef Australia 2020 odds. ... read more

The British Monarchy is almost ancient dating back to 827. With such a historic background comes high responsibility for each successor towards the Monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II is the current and longest-reigning sovereign in history after her great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria. The world now awaits to see who will wear the crown next. The line of succession is a long one considering the family lineage. However, the ones at the top are most likely to succeed the Queen. Next reigning monarch odds offer a take on who will next rule the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. ... read more

Since the SAG awards, 2020 everyone has been talking about the infamous picture of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Pitt took home the Actor in a Supporting Role meanwhile Aniston won the Actress in a Drama Series award. Later a series of pictures were released where the two are seen congratulating each other on their respective win. And of course, the internet blew up and fans were swooning all over them. It seems that even 15 years after their divorce, Brad and Jen are celebrities people can not get over. Which brings us to why there are chances that Brad Pitt in The Morning Show might actually happen. ... read more

BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year award is an annual award show bestowing the trophy upon the most successful sportsperson of the year. This tradition of celebrating prominent sports personalities dates back to 1954. The criteria for selection is rather simple. An expert panel shortlists 10 nominations for the award. This is based on the performance by an individual in national/international sports which reflects on the UK’s sports accomplishments. The voting lines are then open and the public can decide who they are most proud of in the subsequent year. BBC’s Sports POTY 2020 odds has a number of leading sportspersons in the mix. ... read more

Everyone glances up at the moon every once in a while, albeit very few wonder what it would be like to walk on another astronomical body. Mankind has always been in awe of the silver lit sphere in the sky. It may have been impossible to imagine a man on the surface of the moon a century ago. However, after 1969 the world truly saw the marvel of science when man took his first steps on the moon. Nowadays, visiting the moon is almost becoming casual especially with all the talk about a tourist ship which will take people there. Tourist moon visit odds suggest it may even be possible that all of this comes true. ... read more

15 years later after the ending of perhaps the most famous sitcom, Friends is coming back with a special episode. This wish of a reunion of millions of fans has been answered via Instagram posts from all the cast. The simple “it’s happening…” was enough to let everyone know they will get to see the cast together in a reunion special. With the approximation of the budget out, it is clear HBO Max is sparing no expense in making this their big breakthrough. Friends reunion special bets are available for the gambling loving fans. ... read more

The gambling industry is constantly changing in regards to the experience it provides to its customers. We live in a world where a major chunk of our lives revolves around the use of technology. Be it logging into your banking app or just ordering an artificial plant for your living room, everything is available at the touch of your thumb. Hence, it may be completely rational to suggest that technology will revolutionize the future of the gambling industry. ... read more

Gambling has an allure like no other. It invites you in and before you know it you become addicted. Meanwhile, there are people who do gamble responsibly, there are many more who go off the rails. It is no secret that celebrities like to gamble a lot and sometimes have won a massive amount of money in a single sitting. From Hollywood to the sports world, we have several examples of celebrities suffering rather dire consequences when they let gambling addiction spin out of control. Here is a list of famous celebrities who quit gambling. ... read more

2020 is here and it brings us the most competitive cycle racing there is. This highly intense sport will begin in the summer and carry on for 23 days and will emerge with a victor who shall wear the prestigious yellow jersey. Cyclists from all over the world will be participating in rigorous competitions throughout the tournament. Covering all bases, from the sea-level to the mountains, this race is sure to determine who is most excellent at in this sport. Tour de France special bets will allow you to indulge in wagering options offering more than just outright winner. ... read more

Cricket World Cup is going to India for 2023 and this will be the first time India will be hosting independently. For all the cricket fans, the World Cup is as exciting as the game can get. Similar to other sports, the 4-year time gap between each World Cup builds up enough excitement which shows during the matches. Having the game come home is a big deal for India fans and the team. Consequently, India is favourite to win as an outright winner. Check out the cricket World Cup 2023 odds for other teams. ... read more

We know how rules sometimes equal to no fun but we trust that in this regard they are necessary. Rules are essentially the backbone of any sport and without them, it would be pure chaos. Hence, every sport comes with a rule handbook that serves to remind everyone how to be precise in gameplay. However, some rules make one second guess the reason for it even existing. We have 10 weird sports rules for you and you can be the judge of which one is the most bizarre. ... read more

Cricket is perhaps the oldest sport originating from England which the world has come to be passionate about. Having a date as back as the 16th century, cricket has been the national sport of England. The sport spread to other parts of the world after the British colonization. Today, it is feverishly played and enjoyed by many countries throughout the world. We are here to discuss some mind-blowing cricket facts. ... read more

Cheltenham is less than a month away and fans are starting to get impatient for the most-awaited horse racing of the year. The list of the horses participating is still not out yet which means you can participate in the ante-post betting. The schedule for Day 1 is available with the details of the races. The feature race of the day, Unibet Champion Hurdle Challenge, names the day as Champion Day. This article has all the Cheltenham Day 1 odds for your favorite horses. ... read more

Cashback meaning in gambling is a simple money rebate phenomenon which can save you varying amounts of money. Many casinos and online sportsbook sites offer cashback in promotional offers. The offers often have certain conditions that are a requirement and if they are met, you can get a certain portion of your money back. We will have cashback in gambling explained through this article and teach you some tricks of the trade. ... read more

Pinball is predominantly in association with and Millennials. This is due to the Arcade gaming period where most teenagers and kids were present at these gaming arenas. The famous game involves striking a metallic ball against targets in order to earn points. Interestingly, the game goes back to the 80s with multiple versions of the game popping up throughout history. With the popularity of the game, there have been tournaments indulging players. World Pinball Championship 2020 odds for the 5th largest tournament includes top rank players. ... read more

The beginning of the new decade has once again brought us the season of the T20 World Cup. T20 being the most thrilling version of cricket is certainly everyone is talking about. The tournament takes place every 2 years, however this time around, the tournament is coming back after 4 years; making it as special as the ICC World Cup itself. The Big Dance will take place in Australia starting from October 2020. T20 World Cup odds are always unpredictable which makes betting all the more fun. ... read more