Yang’s Chances are High at Next New York Mayor Odds

  • Yang is well-known for his 2020 presidential bid
  • Adams and Stringer have good experience in politics
Next New York Mayor odds

New York City mayoral election is yet to take place in November, but the race is already shaping up. More than 30 candidates confirmed they are running, ranging from career politicians to total newcomers. Accordingly, the bookies recently released their next New York mayor odds, with the tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang standing as the favorite.

As online sportsbook new sites in the United States reported, the primaries for the mayoral election will take place on 22 June. They will be followed by the general election on 2 November 2021. Although the election is six months away, the race is already brimming with candidates. Some 30 New Yorkers have filed campaign paperwork.

On top of the next New York mayor odds, the well-known candidate Andrew Yang is unsurprisingly leading. It will not be an easy race, as he faces two strong candidates, Eric Adams and Scott Stringer. Besides, few other candidates are hoping to get in contention more seriously next months, but for now, their chances are slim.

Yang is well-know for his 2020 presidential bid

The Silicon Valley millionaire who was born and raised in New York State hopes to finally serve in a public office. He went high in 2019 running for the US presidency, but soon after his name was recognized nationally he pulled out. Later, he endorsed President Joe Biden.

Yang did not hesitate to return this year to a new election race, announcing he is running for the New York mayor on his 46th birthday, 13 January. His campaign has a lot of promises including bringing New Yorkers high-speed internet and improving the education and transport system. He also supports introducing a universal basic income of $1000 a month.

The next New York mayor odds favor Yang with a value of +124 at 22BET Sportsbook, because he has strong name recognition. Besides, he is an outsider but with good experience in political campaigning. What is more, he is representing the new generation and has a better understanding of the young New Yorkers. However, he faces some strong candidates who might make an upset.

Next New York Mayor odds
Who will win?

Adams hopes to become mayor after 22 years as a cop

The 60-year-old Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is coming from an established and experienced background. He served as an NYPD officer for 22 years. Later Adams got into politics. The main cause Adams has been active on is defending the rights of immigrant communities. Thus, he is running for NYC mayor with +300 odds to win, based on his nuanced views on police reform.

Stringer’s campaign focuses on an array of issues

The New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer represented the upper West Side in the State Assembly. He then served as the Manhattan borough president. Later, Stringer was elected as the city’s fiscal watchdog in 2013. Stringer is campaigning on a wide array of issues including affordable housing, gun control, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and campaign-finance reform. Online sportsbook in the United States suggests he has a similar chance of winning as Adams with +300 value.

Next New York mayor odds on few other candidates

Maya Wiley, Shaun Donovan, and Raymon McGuire are nowhere projected as the frontrunners. However, they might affect how the race will shape up. Wiley (+900) is the former lawyer for Mr. de Blasio and the former MSNBC political and legal analyst. Taking part at the national TV gained her some popularity. But, expecting her to win is just unlikely.

Donovan (+2500) was the housing secretary and budget director under President Barack Obama. So, he can find a strong place among democrats especially among those concerned about climate change. But Donovan is not alone as McGuire (+700) the vice-chair of Citigroup is also in the race. But neither one of them can pose a serious threat to Yang.

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