Next Scottish Labour Leader Odds Favor Sarwar over Lennon

  • Mr. Sarwar hopes to win his second bid for the top job
  • Ms. Lennon promises to split from the UK Labour if she wins
Next Scottish Labour leader odds

Scottish Labour members and affiliated supporters will be required soon to select a new leader of the Labour party. They will have to choose between two contestants Mr. Anas Sarwar and Ms. Monica Lennon. So far, the majority will likely choose Mr. Sarwar, as per the next Scottish Labour leader odds.

The new Scottish Labour leader will be formally announced on 27 February. The announcement will take place after the members and supporters of the Labour party cast their vote between 9 and 26 February. The main task of the new leader will be to take Labours to a successful election race of the Scottish Parliament, which is scheduled for 6 May.

The contest faces a very crucial timing, but there is no other choice as the former Labour leader Richard Leonard just resigned. Mr. Leonard had to stand down so the party can find a new leader that may increase its chances in the elections. There are only two candidates Mr. Anas Sarwar and Ms. Monica Lennon, according to the official reports by online sportsbook news sites in the United Kingdom. The next Scottish Labour leader odds suggest that Mr. Sarwar seems to have a better chance of winning.

Mr. Sarwar the young passionate Labour MSP

The 37-year-old Labour MSP for Glasgow Anas Sarwar has started his campaign, with a vow to rebuild Scottish Labour and then rebuild Scotland. He promises to tackle racism and fight prejudice. Besides, Mr. Sarwar promises to rule out another referendum for the lifetime of the next Scottish parliament.

Next Scottish Labour leader odds
Who will win?

These promises put Mr. Sarwar in the leading position at the next Scottish Labour leader odds with 9/25 value, according to 22BET Sportsbook. It is his second bid for the top job, as he lost the leadership contest in 2017 against Mr. Leonard. Mr. Sarwar is not only a young passionate MSP but he also has long experience in Scottish politics. That will help him a lot in winning the contest.

Ms. Lennon promises to split from the UK Labour

Ms. Monica Lennon the Scottish Labour’s health spokeswoman at Holyrood joined the contest very recently. She has a very different campaign compared to Sarwar. Her main bid is to split from the main UK Labour party, which she announced in early January. Ms. Lennon argues that this is the best way if the Scottish Labour wants to end its losing streak, according to BBC.

Ms. Lennon rose to fame after her successful campaign to provide free universal access to period products. She was able to bring her campaign to the parliament and pass a bill last November. The 40-year-old Ms. Lennon is a strong Labour figure. Thus she has a chance with 2/1 value to win as per online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom.

It is hard to come to a strong prediction whether there will be an upset, or Mr. Sarwar will get what he wants. However, you can check out the review about 22BET Sportsbook, choose your favorite, and hope she or he will win.

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