What Do Neymar’s Plans Mean to Edinson Cavani’s Transfer Odds?

Soccer fans have started eyeing the official Edinson Cavani transfer odds once again because Neymar seems intent on having Cavani replaced with his former Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez. Will the long-haired striker indeed change clubs this summer?

Edinson Cavani

It is no secret that Neymar and Cavani have had disagreements in the past (for instance, over which of them gets to take penalties in Paris Saint-Germain). However, Cavani claims that they have solved their problems.

Nevertheless, Neymar is pushing Paris Saint-Germain to replace Cavani with Suarez. This creates an unfortunate conflict of interests, which could influence where Cavani will be playing. Can you predict what will happen?

What does Cavani want?

It is not entirely clear what he himself sees as the best scenario. Earlier reports suggested he would agree to move to Atletico Madrid. Later, however, he told reporters he was not contemplating a transfer. Speaking of Paris Saint-Germain, he said:

My future is here, of course.”

Edinson Cavani transfer odds
Edinson Cavani in 2018

The best online betting sites in France indicate that Cavani will stay in PSG: the odds for his continuing to play there are 1.15. He certainly had a strong season with them, so his club is not eager to let him go.

However, there are two factors leading one to believe that his fate is still uncertain. First, Neymar could get his will across. Second, Cavani’s World Cup appearance created a very good basis for negotiation. He contributed one goal to Uruguay’s group stage victory over Russia and his two sensational goals sent Ronaldo’s Portugal home in the round of 16. In the next match, where he couldn’t step on the pitch due to an injury, his team lost to eventual World Cup winners France.

Such performance increases his chances of receiving a favorable offer. Should he indeed get one, it could change his mind about staying alongside Neymar. It wouldn’t be the first time financial matters decided his affiliation. De Laurentiis, president of Cavani’s former club Napoli, has this to say about Cavani: “I know he’d like to come back, but he had no qualms about leaving to earn three times more.” The Uruguayan striker could return to Napoli only if he took a significant salary cut, which he seems unwilling to do.

What are the official Edinson Cavani transfer odds?

Internet sportsbook sites in France indicate there are some clubs who are willing to make a favorable offer to Cavani. At 5.0 betting odds, Atletico Madrid is seen as the likeliest team to tempt him over.

To be fair, the original rumors suggested that he would be a replacement for Antoine Griezmann. Since then, Griezmann had signed a contract extension with Atletico. Still, Neymar’s pushing for Suarez could very well inspire Cavani to reconsider negotiating with the Spanish club.

Cavani has also been linked with Chelsea (9.00). The Blues are reportedly planning to replace Alvaro Morata and Cavani would be a perfect fit for them. That being said, Cavani’s transfer situation is quite chaotic at the moment, and you might consider placing a less obvious bet: a few euros on a luckily chosen outsider club could bring you very high rewards. To see the full list of teams with profitable Edinson Cavani transfer odds, visit Unibet Sportsbook.

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