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The boxing world is still recovering from the shock of Tyson Fury beating Wladimir Klitschko, and the British press are still trying to underline the fact heavyweight boxers are intellectual giants, but over in Scandinavia it’s Nisse Sauerland’s Bad Blood bout between Nielsen and Markussen that has fight fans aflame, and the undercard features a couple of Norwegian boxers looking to build on their records.

Whilst in Denmark the build up to Nisse Sauerland‘s Bad Blood bout continues apace boxing in the UK should be celebrating the Tyson Fury win over Wladimir Klitschko, but is instead wondering whether the large man from Manchester should be allowed to be included in the short list for BBC Sports Personality Of the Year, an annual event that has all the populist attention of a Christmas Number One single. Why the controversy? Some of the things the new champ has said.

Why anyone listens to boxers is, frankly, beyond me. They’re either bragging, insulting opponents or demonstrating a complete lack of understanding of how the world actually works. Tyson Fury excels at all three. His views on women, homosexuality and abortion are ridiculous making him look stupid and thoughtless. But he’s a heavyweight boxer. What did anyone expect? A cross between Richard Dawkins and Stephen Hawking? I’m gambling news the new champion isn’t that smart won’t shock you.

If your chosen profession involves being repeatedly punched in the face just how smart can you be? Smart people get jobs in offices with large salaries and a career path that doesn’t involve broken noses, bruised retinas and cracked ribs, and smart people know to keep their bigoted opinions to themselves. Tyson Fury isn’t hugely smart, and his defense that he was just repeated what is said in the Bible won’t wash with anyone, but should he really be pilloried for being a bit thick? He’s a boxer.

Fury At Fury For Being A Bit Thick

Tyson Fury

Should Fury be the BBC Sports Personality of the Year? (Photo: The Guardian)

Naturally Tyson Fury doesn’t really give a tinker’s fart for the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year, he’s a boxer not a media personality, and anyway Lewis Hamilton or Andy Murray are far more likely to win than the big boxer, but the fuss being made detracts from his achievement in way only the British tabloid press can manage. The British prefer plucky losers than lucky winners, alas, and this shows in their coverage of World Champion which is nothing if not derisory now.

Thankfully for the sport attention will this weekend be diverted from Tyson’s idiocy by Nisse Sauerland’s Bad Blood bout between Patrick Nielsen and Rudy Markussen in Copenhagen which sold out in hours and is often described as a grudge match, which should be noted for being one of the very few cases of understatement in modern boxing. Grudge just doesn’t cover it, but whilst the bill toppers are the focus undercard has some great fights for those that like to bet on sports in Norway to wager on.

Tim-Robin Lihaug
goes into the night’s fight on a record of 14-1 with 8 KOs, against the somewhat mixed bag that is Hungarian Jozsef Racz. Racz has stats of 5-4 with 1 KO but as Lihaug noted this isn’t perhaps as representative as it is with some other fighters. “Jozsef’s record is a little deceptive.” said the Norwegian, “I’ve studied some of his fights and he is a good boxer. He’s definitely not a guy I can overlook.” A sentiment that could be understatement given Racz grabbed the Global Boxing Council’s Youth title in his last fight.

Nisse Sauerland’s Bad Blood Battle In Brondby

Nielsen v Markussen

There’s going to be a grudge match between Nielsen and Markussen (Photo: Ekstra Bladet)

“He’s young, he’s hungry and he’s coming out of a title win so I will need to take this fight very seriously, but I’m well prepared and I believe I’m the better boxer.” said Lihaug who has been training hard for this encounter. “For the last two and a half months we’ve been looking to boost my speed and explosiveness. I can already sense a big difference.” He continued welcoming the chance to showcase what he sees as improvement in his ability before Nisse Sauerland’s Bad Blood bout.

For those who’ll take advantage of Norwegian gambling laws to back Lihaug there’s also Kai Robin Havnaa‘s fight against Lukasz Zygmunt on Nisse Sauerland’s Bad Blood undercard, Havnaa is 4-0 with three of those KOs, and his Polish opponent is just 1-3 so that should be as easy bout to bet on at ComeOn! Sportsbook when they take to the ring in Brondby in front of what will be a massively over-exciting crowd of hugely partisan Danish boxing fans.

“It will be a new experience for me to fight in front of so many people.” Admits Lihaug, “But it’s one more reason to make sure I look good and get the win.” Nisse Sauerland’s Bad Blood bout is the latest in the promoters march towards putting Danish boxing in the forefront of the fight world. He might not be able to turn Copenhagen into Vegas just yet but with Nielsen vs Markussen and an undercard of this quality he’s certainly making inroads towards it.

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