Norwegian Footballer Bets On Manchester United Future

Norwegian footballer

Jan Age Fjortoft’s Tips
• Louis van Gaal to go
• Ryan Giggs to replace him
• Jose Mourinho not approached

The English Premier League has taken on aspects of a Brazilian soap opera this season with drama afoot in all quarters, and whilst some unsung teams make huge strides, and some well known names plumb the depths, speculation and rumor run rife throughout the media, but apparently there’s a Norwegian Footballer who knows what’s going on.

It is at times hard to remember that football is supposed to be a macho game. With all the drama queens, bitchy comments, accusations and dramatic moments you could just as well be back stage at the Oscars. Of course this comparison doesn’t stand up to close scrutiny, Aston Villa have far more chance of winning an Oscar than a match in the English Premier League this season. All this kerfuffle just stokes the fires of speculation, rumor-mongering and outright rubbish that burn in the tabloid press.

Reporting on the actual games is almost paid but lip service, a token examination at best, where as the off-pitch political battles, arguments, and upheavals all gain more column inches than an alien invasion of Milton Keynes, with the slight advantage of being far more interesting than anything that could ever happen in Milton Keyenes. So this season has been a bountiful harvest for the press, and our soothsaying Norwegian footballer is just one more piece of this elaborate soap opera.

The fall of Chelsea has been the biggest upset of course, even those of you that like to bet on sports in Norway at ComeOn! Sportsbook will have been bombarded with footage of an increasingly distraught and moody Jose Mourinho that culminated with him getting the sack, but no less serious has been the fall off in performance of Man United whose manager Louis van Gaal seems in precarious position, especially if that fortune telling Norwegian footballer is to be believed.

Do The Red Devils Need A Safe Pair Of Hands?

Louis van Gaal

What will happen to van Gaal? (Photo: The Guardian)

Of course as soon as Jose got the boot from Chelsea the rumors started that Manchester United would be interested in him replacing Louis, but if there’s one thing Manchester United need now, it’s not a fire-brand but a safe pair of hands. Can anyone really describe Jose Mourinho’s behavior over the last few months to have been anything close to resembling that of someone with a safe pair of hands? I think not, and anyway our Norwegian footballer knows something we don’t, so he says.

Chelsea’s slump to 15th in the table is alarming, given they only won the Premier League a few months ago, but Manchester United falling to fifth, equal on points with Crystal Palace and displaying all the ability of a Sunday league team after a heavy Saturday night, is far more surprising. Sure, Chelsea have fallen apart, but Manchester United seem to have just faded, the magic apparently evaporating leaving Louis van Gaal with nowhere to turn and the fans displeased.

Now obviously the fairytale is still that Mourinho ends up at United, takes them back to the top of the Premier League defeating Chelsea in the process, but that’s unrealistic and who is to say how long the Man Utd board will give van Gaal to put things right. Roman Abramovich left Mourinho swinging in the breeze far long than would have most, so perhaps the Dutchman will get the same leeway, but our Norwegian footballer doesn’t agree, but if you’re Norwegian gambling laws of time matter, you win.

Norwegian Footballer Tips Giggs For van Gaal’s Gig

Jans Age Fjortoft

The Norwegian footballer revealed! (Photo: SportsNet)

By now you’re probably wondering (if not actually angrily asking aloud) who this Norwegian footballer with mystical powers of precognition is, and why he’s so sure he’s got more information than we have……or indeed haven’t. Apparently this particular Norwegian footballer doesn’t think laws of time are of great importance and that he can indeed see the future, and the future he sees apparently involves Louis van Gaal being replaced by current assistant coach Ryan Giggs.

Now don’t get me wrong, perhaps Jan Age Fjortoft (yes, that’s his name) is right and Old Trafford will see a return of Giggs, but whilst the fans would love to see it, would it produce the improvement in results they need to ensure European football next season and the revenues that brings in? This is to say nothing of Giggs managerial skills perhaps not being quite so honned as may be necessary for the task and position. With Guardiola already confirming he’s on the move, isn’t Ryan Giggs just a bit of a stretch?

Norwegian footballer Jan Age Fjortoft might well think that Ryan Giggs will rise above Mourinho and Guardiola, or any of the other half a dozen names linked to replacing van Gaal, but as the Premier League soap opera rolls on, I for one won’t be gambling news that Manchester United is so hasty that they’ve binned van Gaal before the end of the season. Of course everyone said the same about Jose Mourinho and look what happened to him. No wonder Louis is looking so downcast.

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