NYX Gaming Offers Real-Time Reward Scheme

NYX instant reward poker system

NYX Gaming Group launches a new system for online poker players in Italy.

The new reward scheme created by NYX runs by the name ´Instant Rewards´. This innovative system allows players to see the benefits right away, while also providing customers a unique gaming experience in the world of online poker sites in Italy.

The announcement of the new prize structure comes shortly after the recent purchase of Ongame Poker Network. The acquisition gives the company access to Ongame´s exceptionary poker products, platform and service said Matt Davey, CEO of NYX Gaming.

Real money poker is known around the world

According to David Flynn, executive vice-president business development at NYX Gaming, broadening the gaming experience with social aspects elevates the excitement of playing online poker in Italy. He also claims that this gives the customers a chance to make business decisions and play at the same time.

He also states that real money poker is a well-known industry around the world, among many others also provided by NYX . The programme allows clients to check their progress immediately and also to access the information on their mobile phones.

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