Oceanic Pro League 2018 Preview: Old Champions vs New Rivals

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Esports’ fans are looking forward for an unpredictable season of League of Legends, with three new teams that already started shaking up the 2018 OPL competition in the first week. Get to know the contenders for an outright winner on our Oceanic Pro League 2018 preview.

According to online sportsbook news the 2018 OPL format sees the eight teams split in two groups competing for 11 weeks. The teams are from Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding Islands battling it out for top honors in League of Legends. This season there are three new teams starting their debut in the OPL: the Bombers, Order and Tectonic. The first week has kicked off already, and our Oceanic Pro League 2018 preview shows that the new team Order and the runner up the Chiefs will pose serious threat to the defending champions Dire Wolves.

Oceanic Pro League

Team Order(source: Herald Sun)

New team to dominate the 2018 OPL

Order is a new team in the competition coming in with a power house team of old faces based in Melbourne. The team includes Tally in the top lane, Spookz in the jungle, Swiffer in the mid lane, FBI as ADC and Rogue as the team’s support. Order won a clear-cut 3 points by beating the Kiwi new team Tectonic in their first match. There are lots of hopes for the Order team to show great potentials in this season.

Order are the favorites at VBet Sportsbook for the upcoming clash against the Bombers, with odds standing at 1.01, while the odds for the opponent are 12.00. Although the Bombers have been acquired by the Essendon FC, the first loss against Avant Gaming came hard and showed that the Bombers will have a difficult season.

Oceanic Pro League 2018 preview on the Chiefs and Dire Wolves

Oceanic Pro League

(source: Finder)

The both teams dominated previous OPL championships. The Chiefs took out the 2015 and 2016 OPL Split two playoffs before Dire Wolves assembled one of the strongest rosters the OPL had seen and became the second ever OPL champions defeating the Chiefs for the 2017 title.

The Chiefs had a preseason boot camp in Korea to help them bridge the gap, but their first loss (2-1) against Dire Wolves shows that 2018 OPL will not be kind to the Chiefs. The both champions are expected to have easy games next weekend when the Chiefs meet with Avant Gaming and Dire Wolves meet with Sin Gaming. The odds for the Chiefs stand at 1.50, and for Dire Wolves they are 1.08.

Contenders for the Outright Winner

Oceanic Pro League

According to online sportsbook sites the 2017 OPL champions Dire Wolves are expected to stay on top for the second season. At Vbet Spotsbook Dire Wolves sit on top of the odds with 2.25. Thus they will face a new rival, but will Order bring Dire Wolves’ reign to a sudden end? Well it is too early to tell, but you can put your faith in them to do very well this season. The odds for Order stand at 2.75 at Vbet Sportsbook.

The Chiefs had a bad first week, but their new roster with two players Destiny and Phantiks coming from Dire Wolves – Phantiks becoming the Chiefs’ new coach – is expected to make some firepower during the upcoming weeks. The odds for the Chiefs to be 2018 OPL outright winner are 6.00. It is not easy to tell who will be the champion for 2018, with more teams jostling for the top spot on the ladder, but no doubt that both old champions will fight on top with the new rival the Order.

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