Odds On India Winning The Next ICC World Cup Shorten

Winning The Next ICC World Cup

Following the Australian cricket cheating scandal that has rocked their tour of South Africa, laid waste to their reputation as a side and caused hardened Aussie fans to weep in public, their chances of winning the next ICC World Cup have lengthened somewhat and India’s have, in response closed up so if you’re sat in a poker room in India taking the long view you may want to get in on these odds before they shorten even more.

Odds On Winning The Next ICC World Cup

  • Afghanistan – 100/1
  • Bangladesh – 50/1
  • West Indies – 16/1
  • Sri Lanka – 16/1
  • Pakistan – 11/1
  • New Zealand – 7/1
  • South Africa – 5/1
  • India – 4/1
  • Australia – 4/1
  • England – 13/4

Winning the next ICC World Cup is the aim of many an international side. A truly global competition with a massive audience it’s the pinnacle jewel in the cricketing crown and gives many sides a long term goal away from the test match touring and Twenty20 tournaments towards which they can focus preparations and training. This means that if you’re planning to do a spot of online gambling in India on this competition it’s best to so in advance, especially when garnering the same odds as Australia.

Winning The Next ICC World Cup Everyone’s Aim

Sure, anyone in casino in India right now will tell you that England are still the favorites at 13/4 or thereabouts, but the fact that you can find 4/1 on both India and Australia says much about the strength of the Indian side and just how much the loss of Steve Smith And David Warner will effect Australia’s preparations and the chances they have of winning the next ICC World Cup. India are even getting better odds than the 5/1 found on South Africa so take advantage of Indian gambling laws quick.

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