Odds On Caitlyn Jenner May Face Challenge From Randy Quaid

  • Recall Election In California Summons Up Celebrities
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  • Actor Randy Quaid Also Considering A Run For Gov
Odds On Caitlyn Jenner
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The era of Donald Trump has irrevocably changed the US political landscape. Celebrities are now clambering out of the woodwork to run everywhere. Matthew McConaughey may stand for governor in Texas. Dwayne Johnson may go for President. Now crazy California is getting in on the celebrity act too. Examine the prices online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are offering on their gubernatorial election and you’ll now find odds on Caitlyn Jenner. Yes, that Caitlyn Jenner. 

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America has a history of celebrity candidates running for election. We all recall those who won. Ronald Reagan, Sonny Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger, etc. However, they were the exception. These days, apparently, the merely famous running for office is just par for the course. So that fine line between celebrity and politics is blurring faster than the vision of an alcoholic on turpentine. That’s why you can now find 25/1 odds on Caitlyn Jenner being the next Governor of California.

This is not merely the result of the modern social media led political cycle. Republicans are very bitter about losing in 2020. So, they have relentlessly campaigned to recall Democrat governor Gavin Newsom. Finally, they collected enough signatures to get their ballot. However, what should be a bitter political battle, has turned into a veritable celebrity circus. Online betting sites in the US like Bovada found themselves having to offer odds on Caitlyn Jenner of all people.

Celebrities May Face Off In Californian Gubernatorial Election

Caitlyn Jenner announced her intention to run and promptly shot herself in the foot. Her decision to go on Ellen Degeneres to promote her California gubernatorial candidacy seems a no brainer. However, the world’s most famous transsexual then came out against gay marriage. On the world’s most famous Lesbian’s TV show. So the odds on Caitlyn Jenner would probably be lower were it not for that piece of incongruity. It’s set the LGBT community alight with debate. 

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  • Will Smith – 150/1
  • Bill Maher – 150/1
  • George Clooney – 100/1
  • Elon Musk – 100/1
  • Meghan Markle – 100/1
  • Paul Ryan – 66/1
  • Marco Rubio – 50/1
  • Ted Cruz – 33/1
  • Tucker Carlson – 25/1
  • Dwayne Johnson – 20/1
  • Jeff Bezos – 20/1
  • Ron DeSantis – 16/1
  • Mike Pence – 14/1
  • Nikki Haley – 11/1
  • Donald Trump – 11/2
  • Joe Biden – 9/2
  • Kamala Harris – 7/2
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Just why she felt the need to flaunt such conservative values is tricky to comprehend. It’s not like conservatives would vote for a transsexual, is it? Oddly, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t so sure. He thinks she stands a chance of winning. So, perhaps you ought take advantage of US gambling laws and snap up those 25/1 odds on Caitlyn Jenner whilst you’ve a chance. Then again Bovada and co may soon have to offer odds on Randy Quaid too. He’s seriously considering running. 

Odds On Caitlyn Jenner
Kamala is still the most potential shoo-in – Image source: Flickr

Get The Best Odds On Caitlyn Jenner At Bovada

That means California could find itself with celebrities running against each other in an election. So a bet on the California gubernatorial election may prove quite entertaining. The odds on Caitlyn Jenner getting through a campaign without more gaffes are massively long. That said many people will want to bet on Caitlyn Jenner to overcome any stumbles. She has some pretty powerful backers. Randy Quaid, on the other hand, has yet to officially declare his intentions.

“California has bigger issues than pronouns.”

  • Caitlyn Jenner

So, whilst a bet on US politics is never going to rival a bet on sports in the US for excitement this could come close. Of course, you can bet on the Republicans and Democrats both to find this alarming. They’ve no love for these amateurs. Alas, the odds on the Democrats and Republican’s candidates will slip if rivalling people with name recognition. They’ll split the vote making an already tricky election into a political nightmare. However, nothing seems able to halt this celebrity invasion.    

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We take a look at the celebrity invasion of politics continue with bookies offering odds on Caitlyn Jenner as the next Governor of California.

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