2021 Kentucky Derby Odds Weather Surrounding Circus

  • Both Protestors & Politicians Leverage Historic Race
  • Find The Best 2021 Kentucky Derby Odds At Bovada
  • Essential Quality Remains Firm Favorite For Bookies
2021 Kentucky Derby Odds
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You can always bet on the Kentucky Derby grabbing the limelight. It’s a great race with a superb pedigree. However whilst most peruse the 2021 Kentucky Derby odds looking for a winner some are just looking for attention. Some of them, perhaps, with more cause than others. Fortunately, however, race fans will find even protests and politics can’t overshadow this traditional bet on sports in the US. But, is Essential Quality as safe a bet as using sport to gain extra publicity?  

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In the 1800s and early 1900s, the majority of jockeys were African Americans.” Explains Andy Beshear, Democratic Governor of Kentucky. “But, despite their centuries of contributions,” He continued, “after World War I, African Americans were pushed out of the sport.” Which is both true and hugely lamentable. Of course, making political hay from historical injustice is also a tad regrettable. But, what choice does a ‘woke’ politician have? You play to the audience you’ve got.

Naturally, the political pontification won’t change the 2021 Kentucky Derby odds. It merely adds to the circus surrounding the 147th running of this traditional flutter fodder. It’s part of the very fabric of the US now. So a veritable multitude of Americans will bet on the 2021 Kentucky Derby, and politicians can’t resist a crowd. However as online betting sites in the US like Bovada do a roaring trade, some people are just roaring. Protestors have already made their presence felt.

Pandering, Protesting And An Appetizing Punt

Back in November the Valets who work at Churchill Downs saw their contract expire. They have worked on despite this, negotiating with the owners for a new one. It hasn’t gone well. Churchill Downs pulls in a net revenue of over a billion dollars. That didn’t stop them baulking at paying out an extra $27,000 a year between their two race tracks to give the 16 men a pay rise. So if you go to the 2021 Kentucky Derby odds are you’ll see them. Them and their union, the SEIU Local 541.

2021 Kentucky Derby Odds 

  • Like The King – 20/1
  • Helium – 20/1
  • Dynamic One – 20/1
  • Mandaloun – 16/1
  • Bourbonic – 14/1
  • Medina Spirit – 12/1
  • Super Stock – 12/1
  • Hod Rod Charles – 9/1
  • Known Agenda – 8/1
  • Highly Motivated – 8/1
  • Concert Tour – 7/1
  • Rock Your World – 5/1
  • Essential Quality – 9/4
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There is no Derby without the valets.” Said their union’s lawyer, David Suetholz, over-egging it a little. “We’re asking for a just a semblance of justice in their contracts.” The Valets earn $16 an hour. Wanting a raise doesn’t seem overly greedy. Unlike, of course, Churchill Downs. So ahead of the 2021 Kentucky Derby odds are the valets will probably get their deal. They won’t want any bad publicity hovering when people hit up online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada.  

2021 Kentucky Derby Odds
The Kentucky Derby in ’14 – Image source: Flickr

Bovada Has All The 2021 Kentucky Derby Odds

Fortunately, for Churchill Downs, this year’s 147th running of the race looks set to be fabulous. The 2021 Kentucky Derby odds naturally favor Essential Quality. This isn’t a huge surprise. It hasn’t lost a race yet. However, the odds on the Kentucky Derby producing an upset are just as ever they were. So that 9/4 could prove a trap for the less than cavalier. Luckily there are a host of other great horses running who could snaffle a victory. Known Agenda foremost amongst them.

Kentucky Derby

  • Date – Sunday, May 2nd 
  • Location – Louisville, Kentucky
  • Course – Churchill Downs
  • Surface – Dirt
  • Distance – 1¼ miles (10 Furlongs/2,012m)
  • Qualification – 3 Years Old +

Known Agenda gets 8/1 along with Highly Motivated. That puts them shy of Concert Tour on 7/1 or Rock Your World at 5/1 but ahead of Hot Rod Charles at 9/1. Of course, Super Stock gets 12/1 and the eye-catching Bourbonic gets 14/1. Now those are tempting wagers. If you’re going to take advantage of US gambling laws this weekend why settle for a bet on Essential Quality? Sure, Bovada might think it will win, but this is the Kentucky Derby, an ever-surprising circus. 

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We take a look at the 2021 Kentucky Derby odds as the swirling circus of publicity draws in more than just the punters.

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