Odegaard Means One Less Player for Real Madrid Castilla

Martin Odegaard

Martin Odegaard signed for Real Madrid in hopes of becoming the new Cristiano Ronaldo but is having troubles adapting to his new team.

According to Spanish gambling news, Martin Odegaard is the greatest star in the reserve team of the Royal Club. Zinedine Zidane, his manager, believes that he is a very skilled and talented player. Yet, he has not played a single minute in the past 2 games of Real Madrid Castilla and performs poorly in the Spanish third division.

Representatives of Real Madrid Castilla have complained that the Norwegian player does not know or understand his teammates. That is because he does not spend enough time with them as his contract says that he has to train with the first team at least 5 days a week. They also said that playing with Odegaard is like playing with 10 man instead of 11.

Odegaard and his father have been asked to revise their contract but they refused

Online gambling sites in Spain report that Martin Odegaard was searched by Castilla’s coaches and responsible persons many times in the past. They wanted to reach an agreement with the Norwegian to convince him to participate in more of Castilla’s trainings and spend less time with Carlo Ancelotti’s men.

The reason behind this request is that he does not communicate with any players of Real Madrid Castilla. He cannot adopt to the team and the players are not looking for him with balls. However, apparently, training by Cristiano Ronaldo’s side is more important to the 16-year-old, than being key member of his current team.

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