ODI Cricket Betting Odds Give Battered England Hope

Posted: January 11, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

The England cricket team might have lost the Ashes 4-0 in a brutal test match series that saw them completely outclassed, however the ODI Cricket odds don’t seem to reflect these losses as the tourists move into a mode of play they’re far better at, and look to recover some of their self respect. The question is, can England win back some dignity and should you take up the ODI Cricket betting odds sites like BetVictor are offering on them to do so?

  • Can Australia keep up the pressure on the tourists in Melbourne?
  • Will England manage to salvage something from a disastrous tour?
  • Are the 8/15 ODI Cricket betting odds being offered on Australia realistic?
  • Should you take advantage of the 6/4 odds being given on England to win this weekend?

One Day International cricket came about as a bit of placatory flimflam from Australian cricketing authorities fearing a riot. With the first three days of a test match between England & Australia down under in 1971 rained off the organizers decided to play a one day one-off match of just 40 overs each, a format that Kerry Packer copied when he set up the World Series Cricket competition, and ODI cricket betting was born. And let’s be clear about this from the start, it’s almost a completely different game.

The difference in character between this limited overs game and the full five day test cricket format is massive. Imagine having to play an entire NFL game in twenty minutes or a Grand Prix that only lasted five laps, the action would be pretty frantic, right? Well most people are watching ODI Cricket betting on the same result of the time compression, and they’re usually right. You might decide to take the risk of a bet on sports in Australia, but at the crease an International ODI cricketer only ever has risks to take.

England May Have Lost The Ashes But Can They Win Some Respect?

ODI Cricket Betting

  • England vs Australia
  • Sunday 14th January
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • England – 6/4
  • Australia – 8/15

The slow measured strategic pace of the five day Test format is suddenly replaced with an almost hysterical rush to rack up the runs, and with sides only getting a maximum of 400 balls each that means stepping forward and laying into whatever you’re bowled, going for the boundary rather than the safe single. Bowlers also enter into ODI cricket betting not on an ability to wear down the opposition over time but that as they’re limited to just 10 overs, they can make those 10 overs pretty hot for the batsmen.

This, naturally enough, leads to a spectacle for the paying crowd that perhaps the five day game fails to deliver far too often. Slow burning matches on tenterhooks are all very well, but if you’ve taken advantage of Australian gambling laws to back your side it’s nice to seem them do a little more than slowly build up a safe measured total over a weekend. ODI cricket betting is thus awfully popular on sites like BetVictor where you’ll find that despite the Ashes defeat England still garner relatively short odds.

Do All Your ODI Cricket Betting At BetVictor

ODI Betting Odds

(source: Daily Mirror)

Perhaps the bookies like BetVictor have estimated the ODI cricket betting odds with one eye on just how embarrassed England actually are. Losing the Ashes is bad, losing without a win is just hideous and England will want to demonstrate there is at least one form of the game they invented that they can still actually play. You can find a vaguely tempting 6/4 on England to win the first game on Sunday, and only 8/15 on Australia getting a victory, which is frankly far more likely to boost your bankroll.

Of course having won the Ashes so convincingly the Australian side’s job this summer is done and they could well take their foot off the gas, it has been known to happen, and the ODI cricket betting odds at bookies like BetVictor reflects that. After all I doubt I’d be alone in Australia gambling news of their Ashes victory might just eclipse any result they might or might not achieve in a limited overs game in Melbourne this weekend. England’s performance, however, will be far more closely monitored by all.

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