Offshore Betting Explained – How To Wager Overseas

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Offshore Betting Explained

Offshore betting is a popular search term for people living in the United States. Because for many people, betting outside of the US is more valuable. Because it makes the restrictions less of a headache. Furthermore, you might be able to bet on things that might be illegal or heavily taxed within the US. However, there are many reformed online sportsbooks in the US for you to try out. Because as these companies are becoming international, they will turn into offshore betting for European people. Therefore, this article is dedicated to having offshore betting explained.

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Offshore Betting Explained

Before we’ll have offshore betting explained, it is important to note that you have to research the medium or operator before using it. Because you might participate in illegal betting without knowing it. This is why it is recommended to use cryptocurrency while doing modern offshore betting. Not to use illegal services, but to make sure that the legal service is not coming with complications or too many records. Therefore, before leaving your local online gambling sites, first, try to research a reason for changing over to offshore.

What is Offshore Betting?

According to ESPN, the government has tried to make a monopoly on their gambling market by banning wagers at foreign operators. In 1992, the government sought to halt sports betting, however they achieved the opposite. Because thanks to this, an illegal gambling market has developed.

Offshore Betting Explained
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Even to this day, American bettors are spending around $150 million to place illegal, offshore wagers on foreign unlicensed operators. Therefore, the best way to have offshore betting explained is that it is gambling outside of your homeland. With the help of the internet, offshore betting became legal and it is more often referred to as online gambling. Therefore, these operators are international operators, instead of foreign and illegal black markets.

The Other Definition of Offshore Betting Explained

To have another perspective of offshore betting explained, it means betting outside of the US. This definition is split today, thanks to the internet and virtual transactions. The main concern of people about offshore betting is when someone is a United States citizen. However, they go on a trip to Ireland, and they place a bet. To do this is completely legal, as long as it is legal in the given country to bet in. Therefore, a US citizen may legally bet on cockfights, if the citizen is physically in a country that legalized it. Check out the top 5 Legal Offshore Gambling Locations

Is Offshore Betting Legal In The US?

According to The Law Review, the law has offshore betting explained as a license-based service. Therefore, as long as a foreign operator bought the license from the given State, they may operate legally within the country. The reason why this can be solved is that today’s technology allows GPS location and IP tracking. Therefore we have tools to block the user from the site if they can not wager legally. In conclusion, offshore betting is legal in the United States. However, not all operators may sell their service legally. 

Offshore Betting Explained
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Therefore, as long as an operator has paid the fee or received a license from the regulatory body of the state. Then they may operate legally, offering their services to the citizens. The reason why these operators must pay a license is to ensure that their service is fair. On the other hand, it is to make up for a portion of the taxes the government is giving upon. 

The Best Example of Online Offshore Betting Explained

The best example of online offshore betting explained is to wager on things you otherwise couldn’t wager on in the United States. For example, there are illegal sports that may be legal elsewhere. Or furthermore, there might be traditional sports the US sportsbooks are not creating a wagering option on. For example, if you are interested in betting on sumo fighters. Then you should figure out how to gamble online in Japan. There are many cases when a foreign operator is more interested in US citizens than their own. For example, Paradise Entertainment has predicted the rising interest in offshore betting a few years ago.

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Legal Operators Outside Of The US

According to the New York Times, the offshore betting explained is just some sort of a neutral term to keep prosecutors at bay. Therefore, there are ethical online sportsbook sites in the US that seek to give both regions a fair and legal chance at playing. The best example of this is Bovada Sportsbook. Because they have a brand that is the equivalent of Bovada, just for European users, called Bodog. Therefore, their international service is not changing too much, and you can play the same thing from two different regions. However, it isn’t too regular for European sportsbooks to seek a license in the US.

Offshore Casinos Are More Famous

On the other hand, offshore casinos have no difficulties like offshore betting. To have the difference between offshore casinos and offshore betting explained. The difference is that the United States is trying to hold a monopoly on sports betting. While casino games are an entirely different category. Because the United States has many mediums which allow for in-state betting. And if the function is not legal in a country, then its offshore function will not be legal either. In conclusion, nowadays offshore betting is not worth it as much as it did back in the day. Because many online operators give almost equal freedom when it comes to sportsbooks.

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