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Posted: December 17, 2022

Updated: December 17, 2022

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Are you new to online gambling sites in the UK? Maybe you are unsure about which game you should spend your money on. We are going to explain the online casino slot types to you. Therefore, at the end of this article, you will be a master at picking your slot. However, we are going to focus on the main themes and features. Therefore, we are not going to explain the basics of different slots. If you are confused to that point, let us give you a rundown.

An online slot machine game usually has a minimum of three and a maximum of 7 wheels.s However, some games decided to be unique and not have reels at all. Games often add features such as a scratch card or extra spins. However, the main idea behind these games is to have a go at the random number generator. Which is different in every spin.

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Classic Vs Retro Style – Online Casino Slot Types In 2023

According to JSTOR, there are books published about the original slot machine game. Because this was the Liberty Bell of Charles Fey. This is the father of all slot machines. Therefore, it is not rare to see the classic format. Therefore, the classic format among the online casino slot types involves fruits and simple, three-reel mechanisms. However, modern classic games may give you extra spins, multipliers, or even scratch cards.

On the other hand, you have retro-style games. These slot machines seek to create a design that brings you Las Vegas vibes. What does that imply? Mainly it involves bright, neon colors with digital aesthetics. Furthermore, they may involve symbols of fruits, or things that relate to wealth. However, for the retro category, we also count in animal-symbol slots. Find the best slots at BitStarz Casino.

Fantasy And Mythology

Let’s move on to the next category. Because this is the next generation of slot machine games. After the liberty bells and the neon designs behind the retro panels. We had the iconic Cleopatra slot machine games invented. This is why even to this day, this is a running theme. If you have noticed, it started with Cleopatra, then progressed to Olympus and other mythological things.

online casino slot types
Picture Source: Wikimedia Commons

According to Reddit, all online casino slot types are based on a heavy RNG system. However, we would like to highlight that there are indeed mechanisms that can create the experience a little more fun for you. For example, there is a slot where if you hit a certain rarity, you will get the lightning of Zeus giving you extra spins. However, it only spins one reel. Imagine if you’d get a jackpot due to this. 

Seasonal Games

Now that we talked about the most common online casino slot types. Let us focus on another genre. Because you probably have noticed that there are unique slots based on seasons. For example, you should start to learn how to find the best Christmas casino promotions. However, after that, we are going to have the Lunar Festival slots, and we will progress from Valentine’s to Halloween as the year progresses.

These are amazing slots because they all give you their design aesthetics. Furthermore, they may invent unique features. For example, for Valentine’s, you may receive scratch-card love letters. For Halloween, you may receive a ghost reel. During Christmas? A random present drop multiplier.

Interactive Slots – Online Casino Slot Types

Among the best slot machine game designs, we have unique concepts such as horror slots. They are a recurring theme during Halloween. However, the interactive slots are not only about getting spooked. Therefore these slots are created with a unique adventure or creative concept in mind. To this category, belongs the South Park sloth that can entertain you for hours just with the unique scenarios.

online casino slot types
Picture Source: FreeSVG

The way you get called a bastard for winning is amazing. Furthermore, we have the Game of Thrones slots. This is where you can create casino houses, and the luckiest house will receive a huge multiplier. Therefore, this is one of the best interactive slots ever. Our favorite slot is the Judge Judy slot, where you need to figure out crime cases. There are many different online casino slot types.

Crypto Is The New Craze

Now that we have talked about most of the online casino slot types. Let’s talk about the crypto slots. Because these are fairly new concepts. According to Time, the future of cryptocurrencies is not all lost. However, if you are unsure about the whole concept anymore. You can always try to use your crypto to win at online casino sites.

However, this concept tends to be a little alien to those who are new to these sites. All in all, we highly recommend you try your luck at least one of the crypto slots. Usually, they are completely normal. Except they are using the numbers of the crypto instead of the fiat currencies. We recommend you register at BitStarz Casino.

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New Online Casino Slot Types In 2023

The list is not over. Because we have discovered most of the slot archetypes. Furthermore, these are created by the top 10 most creative casino site designs. However, we have one category left. These are the new online casino slot types. These are games such as Plinko and rocket. Because these games are entertaining.

However, you can kind of only play them on a dedicated computer or a digital interface. Because sometimes the manual game is lame. However, if we turn it into a modern smooth interactive game. Then it is going to revolutionize cutting-edge technology websites such as BitStarz Casino.

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