Online Casinos in Sweden Hit Unprecedented Growth among Swedes

Online Gambling in Sweden

Latest estimates show that online casinos in Sweden became increasingly more popular in 2017. So, why online gambling is so attractive in the Scandinavian country? And will it grow further in 2018?

Sweden became a hot spot for gambling mainly during the last decade. According to online casino news in Sweden it was estimated that the country’s gambling market in 2009 was the fourth largest in the European Union. Swedish people love to play casino games, increasingly online but also on land based casinos. If you’re from Sweden or you live in the Scandinavian country you must noticed from your surrounding community how online casinos in Sweden are hitting unprecedented levels of popularity among Swedes of all ages.

Popularity of online casinos in Sweden

According to online gambling news around 55% of all Swedes aged between 18 and 74 gambled monthly during the second half of 2017. Such figures show 5% growth in comparison to 2016. Cyber players in Sweden find a plethora of fun not only on Swedish online sites, but also on internationally licensed gambling sites. During the same period of 2017 one in eight Swedes gambled monthly on foreign online gambling sites, hitting an increase of 25% in comparison to 2016. If you’re living in Sweden is it more fun for you to play on online casinos or on land based casinos, and why?

Our speculation opts for easy and comfortable access

Online Casinos in Sweden

As many land based casinos still welcome guests with dress codes such as black and white tuxedos and floor-length evening gowns, online casinos do not have such formalities and are more convenient. In addition there are only four of land based casinos in Sweden including in Malmo, Sundsvall, Guthenberg, and Stockholm, while those who are unable to travel to these casinos for whatever reason, can simply stay in the comfort zone of their own homes and open one of hundreds casinos available online. Our online gambling review suggests that Omni Slots Casino is one of the best online and mobile casinos in Sweden offering variety of games for players.

Who will lead online gambling market in 2018?

In Sweden the state-backed Svenska Spel remains the largest gambling operator and betting service in the country. Svenska Spel generated revenue of SEK8.98 billion just in last year. Thus according to Swedish Gambling Authority by early of 2019 the Swedish market is expected to be more open to foreign companies with wide new regulations to be introduced. Which means such increase in popularity of online casinos will be met with an increase in accessibility for Swedes.

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