No Time to Bet on Czech Extraliga 2018 Winner Like the Present!

No Time to Bet on Czech Extraliga 2018 Winner Like the Present

We are only two months away from crowning the Czech Extraliga 2018 winner. There are three teams who are most likely to win the annual ice hockey title. So, take advantage of the current 2018 Czech Extraliga betting odds now before they change and we’d get fewer returns on our bets!

Czech Extraliga was established in 1993 after Czechoslovakia broke into two different countries. The ice hockey league for Czech Republic was rebranded to Czech Extraliga. Within a short period of time, it became the 6th best ice hockey league in the world.

A total of 14 teams are competing, according to online gambling news in Czech Republic. April 23 is approaching in a blink of an eye, and right then we will know the Czech Extraliga 2018 winner in the final round. The three strongest teams are HC Kometa Brno, HK Mountfield and HC Plzen. Let’s start betting on 2018 Czech Extraliga with the odds below!

HC Kometa Brno (4.50)

Online sportsbooks in Czech Republic predict the odds for HC Kometa Brno to become the Czech Extraliga 2018 winner at 4.50. They are coming strong as the winner of 2017 Czech Extraliga and definitely aiming for a back-to-back victory. Here is a fun fact. Before the Czech Extraliga age, HC Kometa Brno used to dominate the Czechoslovak league with as many as 11 championship titles!

HK Mountfield (5.00)

HK Mountfield are starting to pick up their speed. In the past five ice hockey matches, they won four in total. According to online gambling sites in Czech Republic, the odds for HK Mountfield to become the Czech Extraliga 2018 winner are at 5.00. In the most recent Czech Extraliga standings, HK Mountfield is the second place with 96 points. It is only 6 points above and below the closest ranks.

HC Plzen (4.25)

Finally, we have the bookies’ favourite to win Czech Extraliga HC Plzen (4.25). It’s not surprising at all since they are leading the ranks with 102 points! Apart from this, HC Plzen also have two best scorers in their arsenal including Milan Gulas and Tomas Mertl. The two have scored, 61 and 56 points for the team, respectively.

Bet on the Extraliga winner

Milan Gulas: The Best Scorer (source:

Bet on Czech Extraliga 2018 Winner Now!

HC Plzen (4.25) has the best chance to win Czech Extraliga 2018. HC Kometa Brno (4.50) and HK Mountfield (5.00) follow closely behind. With these great betting odds, you should bet on the Czech Extraliga 2018 winner at Intertops Sportbook right now! What else are you waiting for?

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