Online Gambling Plans Tabled Anew in Illinois

Wrangling surrounding internet gambling continues

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Yes. No. Maybe. This is what we know so far about internet gambling legalization in the state of Illinois.

A proposed law concerning casino expansion had originally contained a section on legalizing online wagering.

Then it was dropped due to opposition from Gov. Pat Quinn (D), and the bill passed through senate without such provisions. It is now awaiting approval by the House of Representatives and then a signing by the Governor, before changes to the state’s gambling laws come into force.

When the online part had to be removed to ensure the proposal’s survival, lawmakers in support of American internet casinos made it clear that it would be back as a standalone bill before the legislature is out for the summer at the end of May.

That’s exactly what is happening according to Senate President John Cullerton, who confirmed that a proposal is coming soon. Cullerton is among the bill’s main proponents and has been arguing that Illinois would benefit from the increased revenues that online wagering would bring.

The proposal would not only allow American poker rooms, but in fact a wider range of online games would become legally available. Licenses would cost $20 million, and tax rates would be set somewhere under 20%.

If the latest bill comes into force Illinois players would no longer have to drive to the neighboring states to gamble. The internet gambling proposal intends to accomplish the same for the online players.

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