Why Are There Online Gambling Restrictions and How to Escape Them?

  • Online gambling is still illegal in some countries
  • Why does the government cut off access to casinos?
  • Places you can gamble in if your country bans online casinos
online gambling restrictions

Since Internet casinos became a fixture in the gambling world, most people got a chance to play & win online. However, some countries and states still forbid it and impose various online gambling restrictions. Why do they do it and where can you play if you reside in a gambling-unfriendly country?

In 2020, the Internet limitations seem like a relic of the past, but it is still a sad truth of modern days. Online gambling and betting are especially affected by restrictions in some countries as it is unwanted for various reasons. Let’s look at the biggest world countries closer and see whether they are gambling-friendly or consider it a threat to their people.

Gambling regulations in Europe

European countries are among the most profitable when it comes to sports betting, gambling, and other similar activities. However, there is no specific gambling law in the EU. Countries of the European Union are free to regulate casinos and other activities on their own. Luckily, all its members allow playing online but under different conditions.

The UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany are predictably the biggest online gambling markets in Europe. All of them have legal and regulated rules concerning online gambling. Interestingly, gambling companies from the UK, France, and Germany have 50% of the total market revenue, which makes them the most desirable destinations for gamblers in Europe. You can gamble free on their special sites or choose overseas options too.

online gambling restrictions
Some countries regulate stricter than others.

The golden trio is followed by Austria, Hungary, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries which allow the majority of gambling activities. They provide both land-based and online casinos for playing. Probably the only countries with some online gambling restrictions are Ukraine, Russia, Poland, and the Czech Republic, but they are valid mostly on paper. In fact, there are no strict measures that can be taken to “violators”. Therefore, their residents can freely use online casinos like Intertops to make some money.

Are there online gambling restrictions in the US?

The United States is one of the most gambling-friendly countries in the world. Just think about Las Vegas as the most popular destination for volunteers to become rich in one night. Gambling here is legal under the federal law, however, the country leaves the right to decide about online gambling to its states. Although most of them approve this kind of entertainment, two states keep on banning it. No gambling is available in Hawaii and Utah. These two states don’t support gambling in any form. There are no casinos, poker rooms, racetracks, or even lotteries as each of them is under a ban. The authorities explain it by religious reasons and the family institution that can be badly affected by gambling.

However, restrictions don’t make gambling in these two states impossible. For example, Hawaiians have been gambling at online casinos in the US for decades as casinos are free to access from any corner of the country. If you look for Intertops as the best online casino in the US, you will see that it is available on the whole US territory without any restrictions. Fortunately, the Internet erases limitations of any kind, so there are ways to get around online gambling restrictions. At least Google and VPN can help you if you can’t reach gambling sites for some reason.

online gambling restrictions
It’s best to know about the restrictions.

Other countries and gambling limitations


The US and European states are not the only countries with a big interest in gambling. When it comes to other big countries with most gamblers followed by online gambling restrictions, it’s impossible to omit Australia. Gambling in this country is legal in regulated casinos, which are numerous in Aussie. They can even host players from neighboring New Zealand, which allows land-based gambling only, but not restricts playing at foreign online platforms too.


As the second most populated country, India is an interesting example of gambling. According to statistics, it is one of the most gambling nations in the world. Although gambling is partially banned in India, several states like Goa or Sikkim allow playing lotto or casino legally. Players from other regions find salvation in online casino sites from abroad, which accept players from India.

China & regions

Gambling in China is of special interest as this country is the most populated in the world and can theoretically be the biggest gambling market. However, online gambling in mainland China is under law. It became illegal since the Communists have taken power in their hands. Due to a combination of business and moral reasons, gambling is not a welcome guest there.

At the same time, Hong Kong and Macao aka special administrative regions in China are one of the biggest capitals of gambling. There are plenty of luxurious casinos like in Nevada but these regions are also more friendly to online activities than the mainland. Some sportsbooks and casinos are even regulated by the government, so you can use them freely and play on money.

What country is the most gambling-unfriendly?

The harshest online gambling restrictions can be found mostly in Middle-East, Islamic and Muslim countries. In particular, the UAE, Pakistan, Kuwait, Qatar ban gambling of all kinds. Unlike European countries, where you can gamble on foreign sites, these states will punish those playing on money. Hopefully, one day they change their minds regarding gambling as it will be profitable for both countries and gamblers.

However, gambling of various kinds is available in such countries as Turkey. It can serve as a great example of combining strict gambling regulations about non-governmental casinos and providing regulated opportunities to win money. There are some kinds of sports betting and lottery you can play as well as use overseas websites for playing poker or other games.

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