Online Gambling Should Take Off In Alberta By December Of This Year

Alberta online gambling law

Alberta happily announces it may be able to implement its new online gambling operation by the end of 2015.

Alberta is one of two Canadian provinces who hasn’t been able to provide online gambling services through its provincial gambling monopoly, may soon be able to do so before 2015 ends. Robin Campbell, Finance Minister, disclosed this good news during the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties’ spring convention.

Alberta is definitely racing to make online gambling legal under Canadian gambling laws and may just make it under less time than did Ontario, which took years to bring implement online gambling. Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) only made public its decision to revise the possibility of legalizing online gambling, at the beginning of the year.

Legalized online gambling could bring in more money to rural charities

The AGLC then started the bidding competition for online gambling ‘turnkey technology providers’, a month later, giving the bidders a month to hand in their applications. However, some politicians in the opposing political parties bet to disagree. David Swann, the Liberal party leader said Campbell’s proposal “certainly hasn’t been presented to us in the legislature and presented to the public. It sounds like it is a fait accompli, which is unsettling in the least.”

Alberta province has a lot to benefit from the $150m that is being gambled online through mobile betting and other forms, but which is currently being funneled into the internationally licensed online gambling sites. Campbell said that the tax revenues from online gaming taxes will go to rural charities, which currently has $20k being pumped into them from rural casinos operations compared to $80k for charities operating in city casinos. Campbell also said online gambling revenue would go towards balancing the payments.

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