Online Gaming Provider Pinnacle Sports Takes Bets of $1 Million for WC Final

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In efforts to appeal to a niche market that deals with high rollers, American online betting firm Pinnacle Sports is ready to facilitate that need for the final of the World Cup.

There are several prominent online gambling sites that offer players the chance to bet big on matches. However, according to gambling news, Pinnacle Sports has been hailed as being one of the first gaming providers in identifying the need to address the preferences of high rollers.

Pinnacle Sports has introduced a new policy to entice players to their business. The “Winner’s Welcome” strategy allows punters to place the maximum bet of $1 million over and over again, while successful winners of the wager can place additional bets under the great policy.

$1 million bets are a real deal

Aly Lalani, marketing director of Pinnacle Sports, claimed that the increase in betting limits are not on place to serve as a publicity stunt for the firm, but are real offers. The company wants players to make full use of the new offer. “Our $1 million World Cup final limits aren’t hype. We fully expect existing players to test them to the max.

Lalani also stressed that the mobile betting firm is the only place where players with seriously deep pockets can place considerable wagers. “And for all other high-rollers out there looking for sky-high liquidity and the best potential return for the World Cup final, Pinnacle Sports really are your only serious choice.”

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