Online Poker Legalization in USA is Progressing Extremely Slowly

Senator Harry Reid faces difficulties trying to find support for his online poker legalization bill.

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United States gambling news reported that Senator Harry Reid still struggles to find supports for his much advertised online poker legalization bill in the Senate. So far, only around 40 of his colleagues Democrats pledged to stand behind the bill, and even less Republicans.

The bill, which could forever change American gambling laws and finally allow online poker games, is yet to be unveiled before the public. The legislation is reported to have been put together with the help of Senator Jon Kyl, in return for which online casino gambling was left out of the bill.

Some sources stipulate that in order put the bill through and legalize online poker sites in United States, Reid needs more than 40 Democrats on board, and a significantly higher number of Republicans supporting the legislation.

Recently, Harry Reid, turned to Nevada Senator Dean Heller to help convince his fellow Republicans to put their voices behind the bill. However, so far, there’s little interest.

Looking at the House of Assembly, Republican Rep. Joe Barton also struggles to raise interest for his very own bill, which also could potentially legalize online poker. His bill failed to progress beyond committee stage so far.

Speaking in a television interview last week, Barton hinted that his progress was extremely slow, suggesting that the main cause of sluggish advancement is the tribal concern for the consequences of legal online poker games. He stressed that opposition from giant land-based gambling enterprises is not obstructing the progress of the bill.

Amidst controversial news about the progress of online poker legalization in the USA, it remains to be seen just how much longer the lawmakers will make up their minds about the issue. So far, there remains little doubt that the legalization will occur, it’s just a question of time.

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