London Olympics: Aussies are Slipping in Sports

Australian Olympic athletes aren't performing as well as before. What is going on?

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What is going on Down Under? It appears the Australians aren’t winning many medals anymore. At Athens 2004, Aussies won 49 medals, including 17 gold ones. At Beijing 2008, Aussies won 46 medals (14 golds).

Is the trend going downwards? It appears so as Australian Olympic athletes have accumulated 26 medals only three days before London Summer Olympics end, and only 5 golds. Surely, increasing competition from countries such as China and South Korea is taking effect.

(Similar thing is happening to Russia. Although the Russian athletes caught up with the British when it comes to the medals won, not many gold medals were won so far.)

This certainly disappoints many punters using online sportsbooks in Australia. Yet, successful sports betting requires continuous analysis of performance in various sports to make more intelligent bets.

If your man is very unlikely to win, then bet on whom you think will win, even though it is a foreigner. There is no room for patriotism in sports betting.

(Perhaps, betting against your team makes sense. If your team wins, you’ll be happy. If your team losses, at least you’ll win some real money.)

Fortunately, at least what the Aussies can do is freely bet online as Australian gambling laws are benign to bettors.

For those interested in other forms of betting, such as casino games, mobile casinos in Australia offer full access. So, you can play while hanging out on one of those beautiful Australian beaches.

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