Online Slot Jackpots Tempt Swedish Players to Break Gambling Laws

Online slot jackpots tempt players to break Swedish gambling laws despite the multiple legal traditional and online legal gambling options.

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Online slot jackpots, often larger than the Svenska Spel national lottery, are tempting residents to break Swedish gambling laws despite the presence of multiple licensed online casino in Sweden

‘It is the forbidden fruit that tastes best,’ could indeed be the new national motto of the Scandinavian country where bored residents have to rely on titillating naughtiness to remember what it’s like to feel alive.

Unlike such countries as the United States, China or Saudi Arabia, where the governments mercilessly prosecute operators of internet sports books and online casinos, the Swedish government realized long ago that its useless to enforce morality.

Instead of ‘trying to beat them’, the Swedish government decided to join them at their own casino game and laugh all the way to the bank with perpetually full tax coffers. (Well, they would be full if the government would change its immigration policies).

Swedish online jackpots: We love em’!

The Swedish population can have a jolly time in 5 luxury casinos strategically located in all five major cities. Both the young and old can sing local songs and dance in funny traditional costumes while holding hands and yodeling, after playing legal online bingo games in Sweden.

There are horse racing tracts, gambling dens, pool halls, slot arcades and even all night card games in illegal opium dens. You name it, and a croupier will bring it on a silver platter. (…or was that in Amsterdam?)

Yet the foreign based unlicensed and illegal Swedish online casinos are sexier, with a wider range of games, the ability to interact with people from other faraway lands, different promotions and even different colored bingo balls.

Since Swedish gambling is under a state monopoly, and the foreign casinos are outside its jurisdiction the progressive followers of Karl Marx have decided to lash out against private enterprise by refusing to break its monopoly and open the market to foreign competition. Indeed, Socialists are best at taking and spending other people’s money and resources.

Karl Marx Online Casino – Welcome comrade!

Karl Marx once angrily announced, after wiping the remains of a seven course meal off his perfumed beard with a monogrammed silk handkerchief, that “he would rather starve than allow a heartless capitalist profiteer to gorge even a broken half copper penny off the sweat of proletariat workers.

Marx stormed out of the cozy family operated pub with a speed and agility of an oiled snake: too fast for the elderly proprietor to catch the philosopher whose mumblings captivate the hearts of progressively bored European pseudo-intellectuals.

The waiter at the family operated pub was unable to follow the little rotund man whose philosophy even today mesmerizes the depressed and the bored.

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