Online Sports Betting in United Kingdom Fuels Diversity and Growth

Betting on sports online in the United Kingdom is a socially accepted activity unlike the United States which prohibits all form of online sports betting.

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The United Kingdom’s online sports betting industry has a well-deserved global reputation for being at the forefront of innovative developments as well as a regulatory approach to all forms of gaming.

Unlike the United States government, which sees betting on sports as more intolerable than Islamophobia, UK decided from the get-go that prohibition is the wrong approach and created a set of British gambling laws to benefit the tax coffers while giving adults the freedom to decide how to spend their hard earned money.

Online sportsbooks in United Kingdom are fully accepted without being seen as a sleazy or wagering being equated to a sinister activity. By licensing bookmakers, the control of organized crime was severely weakened when compared to unregulated global markets and has created tens of thousands of industry jobs.

By comparison, sports’ betting in the United States is governed by the Wire Act of 1961 which made criminals out of millions of otherwise law abiding punters. For the past 50 years, sports’ betting by use of a phone and later internet has been illegal with billions of dollars spent on prosecution in the US and abroad. The Wire Act was a knee jerk reaction to hysteria over the alleged infiltration of sports teams by members of Italian organized crime and is yet another legacy of the administration of President J.F. Kennedy.

Diversity and growth fueled by sports betting

Not surprisingly, British sports books are a boon to the economy in terms of job creation and a cash cow for both British tax coffers and investors. In America, only the various global organized crime networks benefit, while prohibition against sports betting is the government philosophy as it continues to waste wastes billions of dollars in a doomed attempt at imposing such morality.

The billions of pounds in tax revenues generated by sports betting in UK has allowed the country to welcome into its folds refugees from war torn areas of Asia and Africa. Native residents of UK have benefitted by millions of the rich culture, strong ethics, peaceful religion, and good humor of the hardworking Asians who have seamlessly integrated into the United Kingdom.

The brightest minds from the leading universities and madrasas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kosovo, Chechnya, Uganda, Philippines, Libya, Lebanon and Somalia have been successful in grooming out the small pockets of intolerance, national pride and Islamophobia from their host. Sports’ betting indeed benefitted many in the United Kingdom, and is likely to continue funding the transformation of UK into a vision the ancestors of the new immigrants have dreamed of.

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