Ontario Seeking to Profit from Gambling

Ontario is seeking to get over billion dollars from gambling taxation. To help, even a convenience store can become a gambling destination.

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A Canadian province of Ontario is seeking to privatize its gambling industry in full compliance with the regional and Canadian gambling laws.

The provincial government is looking for $1.3 billion from the gaming industry’s taxation in order to balance the budget. Ontario hopes to eliminate many public gambling-related jobs without affecting the whole industry’s job count as the private casino sector is expected to pick up the workers after further liberalization.

Canadian internet casino presence will likely be expanded in this province while more outlets will be allowed to offer gambling. For example, a proposal has been made to allow some kinds of gaming to occur in convenience stores and supermarkets in ways similar to the United Kingdom. Furthermore, the province is also hoping for expanded lottery revenues.

The plans go as far as building a large casino in Toronto area and allowing slot machines beyond racetracks or via expanded mobile casinos coverage. This will seek to reclaim some of the money Canadians spent at offshore betting sites.

Ontario is also looking at the experience of another Canadian province, British Colombia, which introduced online gambling sites in Canada back in 2010. At that time, however, its online casino PlayNow has experienced multiple issues related to performance. As a result, Ontario is looking to accept experienced private online casino companies.

This pro-gambling mindset comes from lessons learned in the past where prohibition didn’t work, while regulated gambling protects the public and raises money for the government.

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