Internet Poker Moves One Step Closer to Reality in Iowa

Iowa could be amongst the very first states to approve online poker, if new measures are signed by the house

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Iowa could be one of the first states in the US to permit online poker gambling to its citizens, in a revolutionary new ruling recently passed by the Iowa senate. The bill is now just one step away from becoming a reality, if it is signed by the Governor and House of Representatives is has be stated, in United States gambling news.

Thanks to the Justice Department’s December declaration that the Federal Wire Act does not actually name poker specifically amongst those forms of gambling forbidden, the states have been hustling and bustling to try and rectify their own gambling stances in one of the biggest changes to the American gambling laws in their history.

The senate feels as though Iowa residents already gamble frequently for the supplementation of the new law to do any real damage, and on the contrary that there could be some $3 million to $13 million of new state tax revenue generated by making such a leap to approve online poker sites in United States to the state’s gamblers.

The move would of course be even more financially advantageous, should other neighboring states not adopt a similar policy for some good length of time. With gamblers traveling into Iowa, merely to play.

It is rumored that right now, The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission – who would have jurisdiction over the operation – are coming up with a outline to show how legalized online poker in Iowa may work.

Following the 29-20 in favor vote in the senate, the bill will now pass to the House of Representatives, and if signed by Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, the proposed change would become a firm reality. This could make Iowa one of the very first states to advocate and allow its residents to play online poker legally.

Senator Jeff Danielson is pleased with the way the situation revolving unregulated online gambling has been handled, and stated that “we want to protect Iowa consumers and we want to protect the investment Iowa has made up to this point.”

Despite some sixty nine percent of the populace in Iowa opposing the bill, this figure has fallen from the seven three percent who opposed it the year before. At present twenty eight percent of people are in favour of the bill, though the senate has decided this is enough to offer regulation of online poker, and that figure of approval is predicted to rise if and when online poker in Iowa becomes a reality.

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