Be Optimistic And Bet On The Next Prime Minister Of The UK

Posted: May 11, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

Political gambling has taken on a whole new edge in the era of Trump. What were once pedestrian predictable wagers on the winds of political change are now subject to a baffling array of influences that no longer need have any basis in reality whatsoever. The fiction of truth was pretty much all politics had left, and now that’s gone too. Which might explain why you can bet on the next Prime Minister of the UK being from the 18th century…….if you think the world will last that long.

  • Is Jeremy Corbyn about to take the reins of power despite local election failure?
  • Is Sajid Javid going to march to the top of the greasy pole on the back of Windrush?
  • Could the world really survive Boris Johnson as British PM?
  • Is Jacob Rees-Mogg about to take Britain back to a Hoggarth painting?

A bet on the next Prime Minister might seem fatuous when Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are going to sit down in Singapore to have a who-has-the-silliest-haircut contest and see which of them can goad the other into doing something stupid, the Israelis and Iranians have decided to have a war in someone else’s country to conform with every dystopian prediction for the Middle East ever made, and Europe is busy deciding if it should repeat the 1930s again with similar insignia and an ironically different set of victims.

However far from being diverse from these maladies of the moment, the worries of our world, the angst of our age, this sort of gambling is now every bit as rapid and exciting as a bet on sports in the UK, and a bet on the next Prime Minister of the UK is at least a wager that the world still be here to see one elected. It’s just such a shame that the favorites to take up the reins of power in Britain next, according to online bookies like BetVictor Sportsbook are such a ghastly selection of rather dangerous individuals.

Is The Cream Of British Politics Failing To Rise To The Top?

Sajid Javid, human shield for the Theresa May government as it attempts to apologize for being institutionally racist to the point Joyner Lucas would have to do a song about them, gets 10/1 right now, and whilst that’s slightly better than the 16/1 on Jeremy Hunt (a man named after the rhyming slang for himself) being offered at bookies online like BetVictor Sportsbook neither one has a realistic hope in hell of being worth your bet on the next Prime Minister. Which says much about those who are.

Nor does 12/1 Margaret Thatcher wannabe Andrea Leadsom who wears the air of someone who not only thinks they know best but can’t believe for a moment you’d dare question it. Sharing her odds for those that might take advantage of UK gambling laws to place a bet on the next Prime Minister is the utterly horrific form of Michael Gove, a man proud to be a Christian – the sort that wishes to throw everyone else to the lions. But worse than even this gaggle of grotesque gits are the favorites.

Bet On The Next Prime Minister Of The UK At BetVictor Sportsbook

Bet On The Next Prime Minister Of The UK

  • Jeremy Hunt – Conservative – 16/1
  • Andrea Leadsom – Conservative – 12/1
  • Michael Gove – Conservative – 12/1
  • Sajid Javid – Conservative – 10/1
  • Boris Johnson – Conservative – 8/1
  • Jeremy Corbyn – Labour – 4/1
  • Jacob Rees-Mogg – Conservative – 4/1

You can bet on the next Prime Minister being Boris Johnson at 8/1. Just typing that has made me feel a little bit ill. The blonde buffoon who is currently the most ineffectual Foreign Secretary the nation has ever had should on no account be allowed to run the country. He’s just Donald Trump with a better accent and a smattering of Latin. Indeed the only thing that might possibly be worse than BoJo running Britain are either of the two candidates sat at 4/1 odds apiece at sites like BetVictor Sportsbook, right now.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, is often rightfully accused of being a throw back to the 1970s, and to compete with him the Conservatives are placing their bet on the next Prime Minister as being Jacob Rees-Mogg, a product of Eton and Oxford whose ideas for Britain involve workhouses and a return to an almost Dickensian divide twixt rich and poor. If you’re in the UK gambling news headlines don’t herald the end of the world, look at the choices ahead and you might just wish they did.

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