Ottawa Senators Savagely Beat Montreal Canadiens in NHL 100 Classic

NHL 100 Classic

Being one of only 3 outdoor games in the NHL 2017-18 regular season, the special NHL 100 Classic was a battle worth remembering between Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators. So how did it go? Let’s find out.

We are already halfway through the regular NHL season. This Saturday, December 16, the two strong Canadians team competed in NHL 100 Classic for the honour of being the number 1 ice hockey team in Canada. A crowd of nearly 34,000 people enjoyed this rare chance of an outdoor game taking place in Lansdowne Park of Ottawa, Canada.

3 Anniversaries in 1 Game

According to the latest online gambling news, the special thing about this game is it commemorates not only 1 but 3 anniversaries: 100-year-old NHL, 125th Stanley Cup and Canada’s 150th Birthday. Happy celebration!

Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators represented an epic battle between the original founding members. In 1917, they were the first two teams to play in the opening night of the NHL history. Since then, 54,000 ice hockey matches have occurred and only 22 of those were outdoor games. December 16 was a special night indeed!

NHL 100 Classic Marks the Senators’ Comeback

Everyone thought that the Senators were not as likely to win in the NHL 100 Classic. After all, there were 2 Montreal Canadiens v Ottawa Senators matches this season and both times, the Senators lost. In the first match between them, the Senators lost 3-8 goals. The second time was a bit of an improvement by losing 1-2 goals, but still. Not to mention that in the first game ever, 100 years ago, the Senators also lost to the Canadiens by 3-7 goals.

Despite the low odds online sportsbook sites in Canada initially estimated for them, the Senators still managed to bring themselves back up and proved them wrong. What’s more? They were in power play throughout the whole game. A whopping 35 shots were attempted by the Senators. There was never a dull moment!

The end result was the Senators winning the Canadiens by 3-0 goals. Recently, they have also beaten the New York Rangers. It’s the first time that the Senators have won two games in a row since this season has started. Are we witnessing the start of their winning streaks?

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