Ourgame International Holdings gets the World Poker Tour

Ourgame International Holdings buy the WPT

A partnership between the WPT and Ourgame International Holdings promises to expand World Poker Tour all over Asia.

A partnership worth USD 35 million was established between the Hong Kong-based Ourgame International Holdings (OIH) and WPT Enterprises Inc., gambling news reports. The Chinese online gaming operator now becomes in charge for promoting the WPT live tournaments, the TV production and the ClubWPT gambling site.

Adam Pliska, CEO at the World Poker Tour, expressed his satisfaction of becoming part of a company with such a perspective and vision as Ourgame. The deal with Chinese gambling provider, remarks Pliska, goes further that the planned improvement of the current presence in Asia. It also opens a perspective of organizing World Poker Tour events on other places in the region.

The Chinese gaming giant is about to change our views on poker

Ourgame is known to be a WPT licensee since 2012, especially as a promotor of the WPT China event at the Grand Sanya Resort, Hainan. For OIH CEU, Frank Hg, the partnership with such a global leader in organizing world-class poker events as WPT increases the services of his company. The gaming provider is expected to work in the future of expanding the visibility of the WPT all over Asia through TV broadcast and online gambling sites in Hong Kong, mobile advertisements, card tables etc.

But the ambitions of Ourgame go further than expanding the WPT in Asia. As Frank Hg says, the aim is not only to expand WPT in Asia but moreover to promote poker as a genuine mind sport. This will contribute to the realization of a long term project of the Chinese gaming giant, which is the establishment of what they call “mind sports eco-system.”

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