Outstanding Sportsmen Representing Fair Play and Respect in Football

Fair play in football

Some believe that sports are just dumb people chasing glory and success. They fail to realize the importance of sportsmanship, fair play and respect in football.

Because football is so much more than just passing the ball and scoring goals. GamingZion aims to highlight the importance of fair play and respect in football after not so long ago, we have presented the players who would never be given the green card in football. Let’s see their exact opposite sides. We should check out the top fair players, who would deserve it without a moment of hesitation. Those players, who would be rated by extremely high odds at online betting sites in the EU if you wanted to bet on them being sent off.

Fair play – Klose came to the judge, asking him do disallow the goal

Napoli hosted Lazio in 2012 in the Serie A. The game hardly even started when Lazio were taking a corner. It was in the fourth minute when most people thought that Lazio just took the lead with Klose’s header. Napoli players were arguing the referee, who was going to believe the goal was and should remain legal. However, Miroslav Klose decided he will mess with live betting players who placed their bets on Lazio scoring the next goal at online sportsbooks: he stepped up to the ref and revealed how much he believed in the importance of fair play: The player told the referee he should disallow his goal since he used his hands. True sportsmanship and honesty. Messi and Maradona could have a lot to learn from him…

Iker Casillas explains the importance of respect in football – EURO 2012

It was the final in the European Championship 2012. Spain played against Italy in Kiev, Ukraine. The Italian side proved to be way too weak to resist Spanish football: La Furia Roja was leading by 4-0 in the 88th minute, thanks to Silva, Alba, Torres and Mata. The game was about to end, and the referee was going to give a few extra minutes to the game. That’s when Iker Casillas went up to the referee and asked him to respect Italy and blow the final whistle. And he did so. Who could and who would say no to such an act of a gentleman?

Carles Puyol, the Catalan hero

It would be a major mistake to highlight only one of his many acts when he proved what a true sportsman he is. The ex-captain of the Blaugrana has stood up to disrespect and unfairness on several occasions. When Barca players celebrated their goals by dancing happily, he was the one to stop them from humiliating the rival side. When Piqué – and I don’t even understand what his purpose was – found a lighter on the field and pretended he was shot with it and he’s about to die – Puyol was the one who took the lighter from him and told him to focus on the game. Carles Puyol, what a great legend!

Di Canio, a real fair play hero

Everton hosted West Ham United in Goodison Park back in December 2000. It was a Premier League game which ended in 1-1, thanks to the goals of Danny Cadamarteri and Frederic Kanouté. Back in the days, such footballers played for West Ham like Michael Carrick, Frank Lampard and Paolo Di Canio. The Italian was the most important actor on this game despite the other great stars: at one point, when West Ham was attacking, the goalkeeper injured in the meantime. The winger crossed the ball and Di Canio arrived. Everyone would have scored to the empty goal, but him: Di Canio caught the ball in his hands, put it down and told the referee that the goalkeeper is down, he should have stopped the game.

”Ref, it wasn’t a penalty!”

FC Nürnberg were playing against Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga. The away team were leading 0-2 when Aaron Hunt got into a clear cut chance. He fell to the ground inside the penalty area and the referee immediately blew the whistle: penalty! However, Hunt himself immediately told the game-leader that the defender didn’t do anything wrong, he fell only because of gravity. Nürnberg defenders were extremely grateful for Hunt’s fair move, they even thanked the striker.

Handball Greuther Fürth Florian Trinks

Another German who tricked online bettors at online sportsbooks in Germany, however, this time the two teams were playing in the Second Division. Florian Trinks expressed his true sportsmanship when he scored a goal for Greuther Fürth. He scored with his hands and he presented the importance of respect in football: he immediately signed that it was his hands and the goal should be disallowed. Florian Trinks truly understands what green card in football means.

Eye for an eye, goal for a goal

Brann played against Lillestrom in the Norwegian Premiership back in 2012, 13th of May. Brann were already leading by 2-3 when Brann received the ball back from Lillestrom. Erik Mjelde wanted to give the ball back to the rival team as an act of fair play, however the midfielder’s free kick was too perfect: he scored. However, Brann knew exactly what to do: after the game began again, they allowed Lillestrom striker Sigurdarson to walk until the goal and score, so that the game can continue as if nothing had happened.

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