Check Out The Least Fair Players Who Would Never Receive Green Card in Football

The football players with most red cards in history

Pepe and Busquets would definitely never receive the green card in football, but who else do you think has no chance of getting it?

As reported by online betting sites in Italy, the Serie B division has introduced a new rule for football referees. According to the new rule, giving green card in football will also be an available option for the ref. Those players will be given green card who prove themselves to be outstanding sportsmen and do something great for the sake of fair play.

Selflessness and sportsmanship. Those are the most important attributes that are going to be rewarded in the Italian second division. Thinking about that, GamingZion aimed to introduce some of the greatest world stars in football, whose names would never arise when mentioning candidates for receiving green card in football.

1. Busquets, because diving = cheating

Busquets is one of the most infamous player of FC Barcelona. He is the football player known for diving. That is the first thing about him that comes to people’s mind when hearing the name “Sergio Busquets.” Despite the fact that he is a great midfielder for the Catalan club, he can occasionally behave rather shamefully.The product of La Masia has many infamous actions where he dived in order to deceive the referee and get an expulsion or at least a yellow card for the opponent team.

In other words, he is known for liking to cheat and being a horrible sportsman. His most famous act was against Inter in a Champions League encounter in the semi-finals in 2010. Busquets acted as if he was hit in the face, he even opened his eyes to see if the referee ate his play. The Inter-player got a red card, so Sergio could have been perfectly happy – if karma didn’t interfere and let Inter qualify for the final! 

2. Mark van Bommel

Mark Van Bommel was, just like Sergio Busquets is, a great, a truly great midfielder. However, eing such a good player in the midfield kind of requires you to be a bit more creative than other team members. Meaning, you have to find ways to get under the skin of the opponents. Of course you have to be That kind of person to be able to do that. Not everyone can.

Mark Van Bommel was definitely among the best at that.Ki kicked without being noticed, he hit without being noticed, he even grabbed the most sacred body part of one of his opponents a few years ago. Horrible person to watch on a football field, even though it could be the dream of every manager to have a player like him on the team. Great weapon for sure. Great, but dangerous. 

3. Nigel De Jong, the karate kid

Another Dutch, this time the honour of participating on this list goes to Nigel De Jong. He has always been a good defensive midfielder, and has been capable of showing outstanding performances week after week after week. However, he never really became a world famous football player.

Until the Netherlands – Spain encounter in the World Cup in 2010. That’s when the entire world got familiar with the name “De Jong”. Not because he played in such an amazing form against the eventual World Cup winner, but because he karate kicked Xabi Alonso in the breasts. Do you think he was sent off immediately? He didn’t even get a yellow card! 

4. One of the best in history, Diego Armando Maradona was not really a saint…

If you know anything about how to bet on sports, especially football, then you must have heard of Diego Armando Maradona. He is the God of football in Argentina and he is regarded as one of the best in the history of football. The best players usually have the right to do a bit more than others. Referees protect them just a little bit more.

However, when Maradona goes into action, there is no escape for anybody. And also there can be no excuse for what happened to him during that particular clash between Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao has been played in the Spanish Cup final back in 1984. Maradona basically started a mass fight. 

5. Luiz Suárez, Descendant of Dracula

LuizSuárez is one of the best strikers in the world, and has been that for several years now. Great skills, fast player, he can dribble and of course, he has great sense of scoring goals. He was the perfect player to complete Barcelona’s attacking third, he was the missing puzzle piece between Messi and Neymar.

However, he is not only known for his great goals, but mostly because of his unfair activities on the field. He became known worldwide when he bit Branislav Ivanovic on a game against Chelsea – he did something incredibly unusual. That was not the first and last occasion he did that. Suárez had cases in the past as well, and he also bit Chiellini in a World Cup game against Italy, for which the Uruguayan was punished 10 months away from any kind of football activity. If someone, he would never deserve the green card in football. 

6. Pepe can also lose his head quite often…

Pepe is Real Madrid’s Portuguese central defender who arrived to the Spanish capital in 2007. His transfer fee of EUR 30 million gave source to tons of controversies whether or not he was worth it. With time, he proved that he is a great defender and was worthy of his price, however, he did bring shame to the Royal Club on several occasions.

He has many brutal fouls and badly timed tackles and he is capable of getting under his opponents’ skins. He also likes diving and acting from time to time. His most famous, or rather infamous action was on the season 2007/2008 when Real Madrid played against Getafe in the end of the championship. Pepe simply kicked his diving opponent’s back, and then hit another Getafe player. He was punished with a 10-match ban for that. 

7. South Korean national football team in 2002

The World Cup was organized in the cooperation of Japan and South Korea back in 2002. It was a great tournament with many outstanding teams, however there was one team that ruled them all. Brazilian national team was amazing in 2002, with superstars like Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Cafu… They won the tournament with a series of confident performances.

However, South Korea also reached their best position ever in a World Cup. They finished in the 4th place, which sounds lovely, but the way they reached it disgusts most football enthusiasts. They played against Italy and then against Spain and they were huge underdogs against both teams, according to online sportsbooks in EU. However, the referees didn’t mind that for example, they took away 2 legal goals from Spain, and let South Korea play until the penalty shootout, which they of course won against the upset opponent.


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