How to Find Safe Online Lottery Sites?


Posted: January 22, 2016

Updated: June 5, 2017

Online lottery is a protected way to play lotto online, but only if you do it through safe online lottery sites.

There are a lot of huge online lottery jackpots around the world and with the help of internet lotto sites, we are able to have a shot at them even from other continents. The Powerball online lotto in the US is especially tempting after the biggest lottery jackpot in history was drawn, but other lottery games like EuroMillions can also produce some huge lottery jackpots. We can play them all, and we can do it in a completely protected way, but only on safe online lottery sites.

The two types of online lottery sites

Mainly there are two types of online lotto sites. Version ‘A’ destinations are registered online lottery providers, where you have full control over your lottery ticket. These ones are completely safe online lottery sites, where your ticket is registered to your account right after you have bought it. This way of playing lottery is actually safer than to play at a brick and mortar shop, since here you just can’t lose your lottery ticket. You should note that you find only this kind of safe online lottery sites in GamingZion’s online lotto directory.

Version ‘B’ destinations are online lottery sites where you technically commission the seller to purchase an actual lottery ticket for you in the country where the lotto game provider operates. If you play lotto online on a site like this, you never have control over your ticket. You can’t be sure that the seller actually purchased the ticket for you or not. Even if the seller provides the copy of the lottery ticket, it can be an altered image. It is recommended only to play lotto online via safe online lottery sites only.

How to start playing lotto at safe online lottery sites?

Pick one of the recognized safe online lottery sites, like EuroLotto, a popular site providing online lotto in the EU and worldwide. Register at the site with your personal data. This is the safe way to do it. Since everybody can have one account only, and the ticket you have purchased will automatically be attached to your account, you can’t lose your ticket.

Your ticket can’t be stolen either. Later you should also verify your account by sending a copy of your ID. If you have big lottery winnings on your account, the operator will ask you to verify your account before withdrawing the money anyways. So your lottery winnings will be protected, even if you somehow lost control over your account.

How to buy a lottery ticket at safe online lottery sites?

Once your registration is done, you have to make a deposit in order to be able to buy lottery tickets online. You can do this by using a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard) or via bank transfer. You might also find other banking options as well, but the common paying methods should be available always. After your deposit has been made, you can start to buy lottery tickets online.

Choose the game you want to play – pick a lottery jackpot you like ! Fill in the ticket with your lucky numbers and add it to your cart, like at any web shop. Now you can pay your ticket with the money you have deposited earlier. After the purchase was made, the ticket is being attached to your account instantly and you get an email containing a certificate of your ticket with your lucky numbers. Now you can relax and wait for the draw.

How can you be sure that you won’t forget to buy your ticket?

You can also buy several tickets at once at safe online lottery sites and you can also pick the date of the draw you want to enter. At safe online lottery sites there is the opportunity to buy tickets ahead, so you can play your lucky numbers every week with one transaction only. By picking this option, you can make sure that you won’t forget to buy the ticket.

You don’t have to print your ticket. If you have any winnings, the amount will be automatically transferred to your account and you will also get a notification email about that. You can withdraw this amount by using the banking options, like you did it when making a deposit.

How can I tell that a lottery site is not safe?

There are a lot of online lottery sites, that don’t register your lucky numbers right after you purchased your ticket, but go on and buy an actual ticket in the country where the lottery operates, usually the United States. On these sites you actually don’t purchase a ticket but fill in a ticket request and you pay for that.

After the transaction was made, you will get a confirmation about your order, but not a certificate with your actual ticket. In this case you actually don’t have control over your lottery ticket. The seller might buy it for you indeed, but you never can be sure. They might even provide a copy of the ticket, but you won’t be able to say if that’s the original or not.

So, it is not recommended to play lottery online at a site that offers the opportunity of playing indirect internet lotto. Avoid those sites that promise you that they will buy the lotto ticket for you. These sites do not qualify as safe online lottery sites. You always have full control over your purchase and your ticket at safe online lottery sites, since you do it for yourself, which is the safe way to play lotto online.

To avoid the indirect sellers, always find safe online lottery sites in our online lotto directory. GamingZion only lists completely safe online lottery sites, where you have total control over your ticket. Pick a destination and have a shot at the biggest online lotto jackpots worldwide!

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