Overwatch 2 Betting Updates – Mastering The New Format


Posted: October 27, 2022

Updated: October 27, 2022

  • What’s new in Overwatch 2?
  • Updates about the OWL betting lines
  • Overwatch 2 betting updates

We are going to give you all Overwatch 2 betting updates you need to know about. Because this game is the continuation of Overwatch. Which is the predecessor of the new game. However, the game did not change too much from the previous version. There are significant changes. However, the movements and all the basics are the same. How will this affect the online sportsbook sites in the EU? In this article, we are going to give you a simple answer to the question.

Because there are many things to keep in mind. Especially if you have been an Overwatch bettor. However, if you are new to this all, then you are lucky. Because you do not have to change anything about your Methodism. Instead, you just have to not listen to people using outdated Overwatch information. Too complicated? Check out the eSports betting lingo.

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What’s New? – Overwatch 2 Betting Updates

We have already reported about a few of the Overwatch 2 betting updates. However, this is our full summary and conclusion. Therefore, the most important feature is the team size. While the predecessor, Overwatch was a game of 6v6. Overwatch 2 is a 5v5 team FPS game.

This decision was not about the design of the game. Because it had a huge problem with 6v6 play. Therefore, the main feature of Overwatch 2 is that players may only pick 1 tank character per team. This is changing the playstyle significantly. There are no long and frustrating, confusing fights anymore. Two players to keep track of. According to Forbes, it was the right move. Let us give you a summary of all that changed.

  • The team size is 5v5
  • Only 1 tank allowed
  • Minor graphic update
  • Smaller character changes
  • New characters

Does This Affect Sportsbook Betting?

Of course, it does. This is why we have created the Overwatch 2 betting updates. If you had a betting strategy about the outright results. Then you should change the way you research the matches. Because with only 5 players? There are two fewer players to bet on.

Every team you knew to be titans, might be reduced to the worst teams. Furthermore, there is only one tank available. Even with the changes, tanks are still the strongest characters. Some can remove projectiles and disable an entire roster of characters. You have to change the following things:

  • Bet on the best tank player or their team
  • Don’t be hasty betting on specifics until the patch rolls out
  • Sportsbook betting predictions begin in 2 patches
  • You may only bet on 10 players instead of 12 now

The Teams Changed – Overwatch 2 Betting Updates

We already told you twice, but it is important to pressure. One of the main reasons behind the Overwatch 2 betting updates is the team size. Because this is going to change everything you knew about the competitive scene up until this point. Some players in famous teams will be removed or put in as substitutes. Furthermore, some other players will just simply convert to different games like VALORANT. Because Riot Games have always been more reliable when it came to eSports than Blizzard Entertainment.

Blizzard has stopped hosting W3, SC, Heroes of the Storm, and many other competitive tournaments. And even if this was the right move, Blizzard did destroy careers again by removing the player slot. The damage has been done, but let’s stay positive about the future. The Best Overwatch teams to bet on will need an update soon. 

The Overwatch League Continues

Do not worry, because if you loved the OWL, you missed nothing. Therefore, the OWL is going to continue soon. However, there was a massive backlash for professional players pointing out the unprofessional environment. Blizzard Entertainment has answered the complaints and apologized. The reason behind the wonky setup was the fact that they are building the world’s very first eSport arena designed for pro sports play.

Therefore, you can follow or visit the next OWL Tournament, a new eSport colosseum. According to IGN, the first weeks of the competitive scene are not going too smoothly. Because the server has been suffering DDOS attacks. Furthermore, there are cheaters and lag everywhere. Give Blizzard at least a month to turn this game into a stable online arena. It is a great chance to catch up with the Overwatch 2 betting updates.

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New Meta And New Arena

As we already explained, there is a new arena in the making. Therefore, it is one of the biggest Overwatch 2 betting updates that Blizzard brings eSport to the world. This is going to be a greater change than you expect. Because you can love or hate Blizzard, but the first Overwatch changed the way humans view eSports. And the new arena is going to amplify this effect.

Make sure to check out our Overwatch 2 betting guide, because you will need it. Furthermore, there is an entirely new meta for the game. Less teamwork, more personal performance. The tank is the heart of the team. Tank players will carry professional players in these arenas.

Overwatch 2 Betting Updates

In a conclusion, let’s talk about the actual Overwatch 2 betting updates. Because if you are both a sportsbook bettor and a player, then we have some info for you. According to Dexerto, tanks are going to change big times. Doomfist will receive a huge upgrade. However, Sombra and Genji will be nerfed.

There is also a new aspect to the game that calls for a new sportsbook. Because you will always have to pick the Sportsbook that offers you the most props. Because a 5v5 game is easier to predict than a 6v6 one. This is why we recommend you register at 22Bet Sportsbook. Or of course, Bovada if you are a reader from the United States.

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