Best Overwatch Teams To Bet On – The Top 10 Betting Picks


Posted: August 15, 2022

Updated: August 15, 2022

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In this article, we are collecting the top 10 best Overwatch teams to bet on. Therefore, it is time we decide who has the most chances of conquering the 2023 Overwatch League and the upcoming season. Furthermore, these teams are going to be the participants in the upcoming Overwatch 2 competitive scene. Therefore, you should make sure to keep their name in mind. Because you can cash out on them at the online sportsbook sites in the UK.

According to Forbes, you don’t have to worry about learning the new meta. Because the official release of Overwatch 2 is not even on the blueprints yet. Therefore, you only have to worry about the performance of these teams. However, it will be an interesting change to see these teams adapt to the new release and changes. Because it turns the whole list upside down soon. For now, let’s review the best.

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1. Los Angeles Gladiators – Best Overwatch Teams To Bet On

According to the official Overwatch League ranking, the Los Angeles Gladiators are the number one team. Therefore, they are the best Overwatch team to bet on. Because they are the winners of the previous league. Therefore, the other teams are competing to take their spot on the list. The Los Angeles Gladiators represent California in the western league. Furthermore, they are owned by the same company that owns the Arsenal F.C. and the Los Angeles Rams.

This is why Overwatch is one of the most popular eSports around the world. Because they contributed to the eSport community to be aligned with sports team giants like the most famous soccer or NFL teams. The oldest member of the team is their tank, SPACE. The team has bagged four 1st places in the last year.

2. San Francisco Shock

There is no doubt that the San Francisco Shock is one of the best Overwatch teams to bet on. Because they are not the current world champions. However, their achievements and success are unique. Therefore, they are one of the wild cards when it comes to competition. Because this is the only team who defeated every other team in the competitive scene.

Therefore, they have a great experience, and there is no team they are yet to defeat for the record. Furthermore, they are the first Overwatch League champions in the game’s history. Because they are the only team who completed a Golden Stage without dropping a single map or losing. Therefore, they are one of the most outstanding eSport teams in the world. The two-time Overwatch League champion team is the favorite at Betway Sportsbook.

3. Atlanta Reign

The Atlanta Reign is a strange team when it comes to the best overwatch teams to bet on. Because they are there, their performance has been significantly increasing in the current season. However, they are no world champions. Therefore, they have much to prove this year. Furthermore, they are one of the teams who strive toward winning the Overwatch League. Because they are yet to bag a world cup. However, they have never been underperforming. Simply, they were just never the best team in history.

However, this might change soon. Because they have ranked the third best teams of all time. And they climbed up from their usual fifth place to keep a solid third one, with an ever-increasing capability. Our top recommendation is to place a bet on them after reading the Overwatch 2 betting guide. Because they have the potential to be world champions soon. 

4. Hangzhou Spark

If pink is your color, then Hangzhou Spark is your team. Because this Chinese team has been one of the best Overwatch teams to bet on for years now. Therefore, if you see them pitted against any other team who is not on the list? Yeah, trust your money on their victory.

The team is similar to the Atlanta Reign in performance. Because they are not the type to win the world championship. However, they are going to demolish anyone who is not above them on this list. This is why they are a great choice when it comes to betting. Because placing a bet on the current World Champion is risky. However, if a team is always in fourth place? Then you have a consistent pattern on who they can defeat and who they couldn’t. 

5. Philadelphia Fusion

The Overwatch League is doing the Philadelphia Fusion wrong. Because they have crazy potential when it comes to winning tournaments. They have a consistent second place in nearly every competition they enter. For example, they have defeated the Ganzhou Spark 3-2 two times in a row. Therefore, they always mess their great ranking up when it comes to fighting against teams such as the Soul Dynasty, or the Atlanta Reign. Because their loss will give you a great bet.

They are not terrible. However, when will they face any teams above them on this list? You can see that they are going to lose. And this is why they are the best to bet on. Look out for fights against weaker teams. Because you can bet on their victory. This is why the Philadelphia Fusion is one of the best Overwatch teams to bet on.

6. Seoul Dynasty – Best Overwatch Teams To Bet On

The South Korean Seoul Dynasty is one of the most complex and best Overwatch teams to bet on. Because their winning pattern is an unpredictable mess. Therefore, sometimes they surprise the world with their first rank on the Kickoff Clash. However, sometimes they disappoint fans with an 8th-place finish. However, in recent years the Soul Dynasty has acquired one of the strongest rosters in the competition.

This is why you should bet on Overwatch World Cup and pick Seoul Dynasty to win most of the time. Because they are one of the oldest teams in the history of the game. However, they have climbed up from the very bottom to the top. Therefore, they know how to train for better performance, and they are ready to get rid of problems. This is why one day the Seoul Dynasty will win the World Cup. 

7. Shanghai Dragons

The Shanghai Dragons have been underperforming in the recent competitive scene. Because it is hard to say that they are one of the best Overwatch teams to bet on. They are all professional players. However, they went down from World Champions to sixth place in the Mid-Season Madness. Therefore, they are worse than they used to be. However, the team might meet a change soon. Therefore, we shouldn’t bury the Shanghai Dragons just yet.

However, we advise you to not place a bet on them winning anytime soon. However, they are going to step their game up in the next Overwatch League. Therefore, their comeback will surprise the bookies for sure. For now, they are still falling from their former glory. You can bet on their loss in upcoming tournaments at Betway Sportsbook.

8. Houston Outlaws

We already spoke about The Houston Outlaws in our 2022 OWL odds and predictions. Therefore, you already know our opinion about this team. They are the gatekeepers of this competition. Because they are on a solid 8th ranking. Therefore, if anyone comes to fight the Houston Outlaws, then they will officially join the top 7.

However, if the team is not ready to face the former World Champions, then they are going to lose against the Outlaws. This is why this team is one of the best Overwatch teams to bet on. Furthermore, they have recently improved their roster. They have big plans for the upcoming competition and Overwatch 2. However, for now, they remain a line between the best and the worst.

9. Florida Mayhem

We have reached a fine line between champions and just simply good teams. Because the Florida Mayhem does not deserve any praise, nor do they deserve to be shaded for their performance. They are simply one of the teams who will not give up without a fight. This is why they are one of the best Overwatch teams to bet on. Again, if anyone above them on this list fights them, then their loss is consistent. However, if they fight anyone who is not on this list. Then odds are that Florida Mayhem will end up winning.

10. London Spitfire – Best Overwatch Teams To Bet On

In conclusion, there are ten teams among the best Overwatch teams to bet on. This is why we have saved the best for last. Because the London Spitfire came a long way from the top to the bottom. According to eSports News, even the team acknowledges that they are no longer the best. Therefore, they are in the bracket that fights about who is the worst, and not who is the best.

However, the London Spitfire is never going to fall without doing its best. This is why you will know that they are going to win eventually. This is why the Power Ranking is great information. If you see the London Spitfire in 11th place? Bet on their next victory. They will not let the name become a joke. This is why you should register at Betway Sportsbook, to prepare yourself to bet when they fall.

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